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INVZI Maghub | Pop Up SSD USB-C Hub


INVZI MagHub – Turn Up SSD USB-C Center

Dear backers, readers, and everyone who wants to upgrade their everyday MacBook usage! Mac is a power machine, no doubt. But imagine how much more freedom you can give to yourself with this simple yet powerful gadget.

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Everything is cool & great until you realize that you have an important meeting on open-air, and your Mac’s battery is as low as it could be. This is where INVZI MagHub shows up, like a lifesaver. But, there’s also much more that he brings to the table!

Introducing you to a new Cableless Workspace!


The First Pop Up SSD Hub Transforms Your MacBook right into a Workstation, Light Weight Aluminum Design, Twin [email protected] Present MST, SATA & NVMe Compatible.

INVZI MagHub Won the CES 2022 Innovation Awards, and they are very proud of it!

Instead of always questioning will the mechanical lock work, INVZI MagHub uses a magnetic lock.

This is one of the parameters that were important throughout the design process. Both parts of INVZI MagHub, the hub, and the natural leather backplate fit right into the MacBook visual identity. The innovative, patent-pending magnetic style also significantly contributes to making the attachment process more simple.


INVZI MagHub puts the full power of a workstation available for all MacBook users. MagHub optimizes your approach to your peripherals as well as takes charge of every job you undertake on your MacBook.

The magnetic attachment system is so dependable, you never need to stress over vibration damage again. Start by eliminating the release lining of the PU tape, simply by attaching the tape to your MacBook. Now it’s time to place the MacBook on MagHub. MagHub holds firmly with a strong magnetic force

Encased in CNC-precision-milled aluminum, MagHub will stand the test of versatile lifestyles.

They have used top materials in manufacturing processes to develop it, with no discussion for minimizing quality. It will fit any kind of 13″/ 15″/ 16″ MacBook perfectly!


The pop-up SSD attaches with its integrated USB-C male port to MacBook wirelessly. And if you want, you can use it independently. “Ready” to them indicates that it already prepare: MagHub comes compatible with an SSD unit that works with M. 2 SATA SSD as well as NVME SSD, which can be upgraded up to 4TB of memory. It is so easy to set it and maintain. Most important, information transfers are fast and safe.

connecting to everything

With As much as 1,000 MB/s read/write speed, INVZI MagHub is compatible with both M.2 NVME 10Gbps and SATA SSD 5Gbps. With as much as already, 4TB offered storage, you will get additional space to store all your media, information, video game, and program documents. In that way, you can effectively enhance your computer experience.

MagHub equips M.2 SSD enclosure fitting NVMe PCIe M Key, SATA M, Key, and also SATA B&M Key. All that  is applicable to dimensions 22×42/ 22×60/ 22×80 solid-state memory. It does not support AHCI PCIe SSD M Secret nor SATA SSD B Key.

MagHub supports dual [email protected] monitors

  • Display 1: HDMI 2.0 + DP 1.4 and
  • Display 2: HDMI 2.0, enables resource-demanding applications to operate on separate screens without affecting system performance.

Energy Saving for MacBook Battery

While they want INVZI MagHub to represent power, they know that you require to be able to regulate how it works. It will continue battery usage unless you turn it off. That kind of feature other similar devices does not provide.


Add to that the built-in air vents, which dissipate warmth while once again striking the stylish appearance that every MacBook user loves.

Lightweight aluminum Alloy material gives INVZI MagHub a sense of technology providing better thermolysis, which secures a low operating temperature of below 131 ℉( 55 ℃) even when transferring large-sized data. In addition, the thermal insulation tape connected on the MacBook side can make your MacBook safe from overheat.

Premium aluminum MagHub is designed for all 13″/ 15″/ 16″ MacBook. It fits your MacBook like a glove.

magnetic tape

Pop up SSD Enclosure: compatible with M. 2 PCI-E NVMe & SATA approximately 8TB, 1000Mbps high speed, SSD Memory Size: 22×42/22×60/22×80

  • USB-C1: 100W PD fast charging
  • USB-C2: USB 3.2 Gen2 10Gbps
  • USB-C3: USB 3.1 Gen1 5Gbps

HDMI 1: Assistance HDMI2.0, Max 4K/60Hz, HDCP1.4/ 2.2, MST mode for MacOS with Intel Chip/Windows (MacBook M1 only supports ONE external screen).

HMDI 2: DP: Support HDMI2.0, Max 4K/60Hz, HDCP1.4/ 2.2, MST mode for MacOS with Intel Chip/Windows

awarded invzi


  • Gigabit Ethernet: Support 1Gbps, 100/10Mbps.
  • USB-A1: USB 3.2 Gen2 10Gbps.
  • USB-A2: USB 3.1 Gen1 5Gbps.
  • SD/Micro SD: Assistance SD/SDHC/SDXC, SD3.0 UHS-I, up to 104MB/S, up to 4TB.
  • ON/OFF Switch.
  • Product: Aluminum Alloy.
  • Shade: Space Gray.
  • Dimension: 13″/ 15″/ 16″.
  • Weight: 10.5 ounces.
  • Operating Temperature: Listed Below 131 ° F( 55 ° C
on and off

What the Box contains:

1 x MagHub with SSD Enclosure, 1 x Magnetic PU Tape.

Compatible with: MacBook Pro 2016-2020 (13″/ 15″/ 16″), MacBook Air 2018-2020.

You can choose the dimension of the MagHub (13″/ 15″/ 16″) that suit’s your Macbook perfectly.


V1 Version: MagHub was designed with a MacBook holder and also a built-in SSD slot.

V2 Version: MacBook holder part was left out.

V3 Version (final): MagHub style was altered from the built-in SSD slot to Pop up SSD enclosure. A new thing is the DP port and this time left out the audio jack port.

At INVZI, their core business is products for MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, among other consumer electronics.

What made them change from ADG to INVZI? Some trademark issue occurs with ADG. So, instead of: INVZI as opposed to ADG from July 2021. So the item formerly referred to as ADG will certainly move to hallmark INVZI.


When they have begun creating MagHub, they were very much aware of what we wanted: to provide MacBook customers an unrivaled workstation, something that would make the MacBook much more beneficial for working professionals as well as students. It has been a long making-of process, but they are very proud and content with their product. MagHub is the premier workstation for MacBook, and also they’re excited for other people who have yet to discover it.


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