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Irontide | The Adventure Short With A Waterproof Pocket

Designed for adventurers. Keep your valuables safe, secure and dry while you explore the outdoors. IPX-8 certified. Submersible 100ft.

Increase your sense of journey and take your exterior enthusiasms to an entirely new level! Thanks to its cutting-edge waterproof pocket, you’ll never ever have a wet phone again, as the sealed pockets safeguard and keep any kind of belongings you need, leaving it entirely dry. Swim with your valuables in your pocket and hike with every little thing you require! Introducing the Irontide – everything you need from shorts and a little bit more.

Irontide shorts

After years of prototyping, item advancement, and monitoring, they generated an ingenious concept. Combining sophisticated waterproof innovation with resilient materials, they devised the only service to store your valuables securely in one place.

Experience your adventure, and never worry about where your valuables are or how you keep them.

Irontide shorts

Run, swim, go camping, as well as live openly. These shorts can endure everything. Ultimately, you can keep your prized possessions in your shorts without taking an extra dry bag or phone pouch. Irontide is your outdoor short, your travel short, your activewear, and your daily short as well.

Their shorts have an integrated waterproof pocket made from Neodymium magnets, which are the world’s toughest magnets. This ensures you can swim with your valuables without them getting wet. It has an IPX-8 certification which implies it is totally waterproof (as well as dustproof, airproof!) up to depths of 100ft and was utilized by a development program by NASA in 2018 where they needed the highest efficiency liquid-tight closure system!

Irontide shorts

Below are some outstanding functions you do not want to miss out on:

  • The trademarked magnetic pockets make use of the greatest magnets in the world: Neodymium Magnets.
  • It has solid, sturdy TPU strips that keep the seal in place, so no water or dust particles can go into it. It is considered hermetically sealed.
  • Two distinct magnet strips within the pocket offer double security when in water. The pocket automatically seals closed, leaving no area for any filtering.
  • 100% waterproof, clinically examined with world standard IPX-8 water-proof screening. It can stand up to depths of 100ft forever, keeping all the fun and excitement of jumping in the water.
Irontide shorts

Catch every inch of your adventure by maintaining your phone where you need it most … in your pocket. You no more require a different bag to bring your phone. With Irontide Shorts, you don’t have to carry an additional pair of shorts for different activities. With one short, you can do it all: Catch your special minutes and have an excellent adventure with all your prized possessions secured in one area.

Irontide shorts

You’ll get a lot more than simply shorts. You’ll experience an entirely new sense of fun. And get rid of the requirement to stress over where you put your things … start appreciating your trip.

Kick-off your amazing adventure with these super functional shorts. These shorts have 2 sorts of pockets to leave no rock unturned.

Irontide shorts

First, you’ll see their super-sealed water-proof pocket to maintain your belongings completely dry. Then they included 4 additional pockets where you can arrange and store it all inside. You won’t need to worry about looking for extra bags.

Additionally, they do not desire you to fret keeping dry.

Irontide Short has a set of pockets that remain waterless and one more set of pockets that can store all your products.

Irontide shorts

Here are the attributes of the various other unique pockets:

  • Deep left pockets to keep your belongings protected.
  • Tactical pocket made with a sturdy and tough material to maintain your small accessories in position, such as a tactical blade, a lighter, a pen, or pliers.
  • Zipped cargo pocket where your large products fit in easily. Maintain your notebook, maps, gloves, and much more.
  • Zipped back pocket to access your products right when you require them.
Irontide shorts

A water drainage system that lets the water clear out of your shorts fast. With a small eyelet in the cargo pocket, they have an instantaneous draining system. Water will certainly clear out before you Everybody knows how unpleasant it feels to be walking with soggy pants. That’s why they engineered mesh pockets that will release water instantly.

Attach your items to your shorts effortlessly, such as sunglasses, your water bottle, or your car keys.

Irontide shorts

They included a special side elastic to make certain these shorts are the comfiest you can find. You can now trek, do yoga exercises, run and swim in shorts that fit every occasion.

If you really feel that you require some added support at your waistline, they added an extra feature to make these shorts fit perfectly. They included extra belt loopholes for a nylon belt to keep your shorts in position during your journey.

Irontide shorts

Irontide Shorts are made with Hydrophobic Irontech ™ textile and an efficient two-layer system that holds up against any exterior conditions.

Whether you’re trekking on a sloppy trail while it rains or doing some yoga, these shorts won’t chafe.

And there’s even more. The fabric is dealt with for improved resilience, breathability, as well as sunlight protection to make these shorts extra-resistant. You can leap, walk or swim on the very same day, with one pair of shorts!

Irontide shorts

These shorts do the magic by fending off water away. You’ll really feel lightweight quickly and also prevent some nasty internal upper leg chafing.

With premium spandex fibers as well as 4-way stretch textile, you can twist and turn easily. You can even do splits, and these shorts still will not feel it.

Irontide shorts are UPF 40+, so you can appreciate your outside recreation without experiencing any sunburn on your upper legs. These shorts will also dry very quickly.

Irontide shorts

Irontide shorts are constructed to stand up to the test of time.

With thoughtfully bar-tacked seams, the Irontide short can sustain the tough needs of the wild and also effect from acid rocks.

Irontide Shorts have a breathable material that doesn’t get slowed down in sweat. Once you begin using these shorts, your body will certainly enjoy the sensation of this revitalizing fabric. So get ready. You can trek, do yoga or run with these shorts and you’ll still feel comfortable and refreshed.

Irontide shorts

Irontide shorts disperse and spread the dampness out, so you do not feel sticky. By activating evaporating cooling, the shorts release all your wetness to maintain you fresh.

With scientifically examined technology, these shorts can get rid of 99% of odor-producing germs. So whether you are in a lake or on a lengthy walk, you’ll constantly feel fresh.

When you sweat a lot, your clothes expel nasty odors. That’s why they utilize Polygiene treatment (silver) that touches the microbial cell wall and shuts off that horrible bacteria.

Irontide shorts

This prevents the germs’ ability to launch that pigment scent that eats your sweat. It likewise protects against inflammation, making these shorts distinctly smell-free and comfy.

Thanks to Irontide Short’s premium technology, examined by journey enthusiasts, you can really feel renewed, walk around effortlessly and, most importantly, secure your valuables inside them.

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