iVac | The Auto Vacuum Food Storage Container, Fresh Saver

iVac: The Auto Vacuum Food Storage Container, Fresh Saver

Keep Food Fresher Longer | Rechargeable | Auto Seal / Reseal | Microwave & Cooler Safe | Measuring Glass & ABS

iVac is the vital solution to keep your food fresher for much longer. Utilizing the integrated automated pressurization system, protect the quality and nutrition of the food in 15 seconds. iVac will certainly continue to keep a consistent pressure and also make sure no air can go inside.

This is a set of 4 differently sized containers with covers. Each of the iVac lids has an electric motor to make sure that when you place the food in the container, screw the cover on and press the power button. It develops a vacuum seal to maintain your food fresh. Given that iVac of different liters have the lid of the same size, you can simply remove any kind of lid to seal an additional container.
It is an excellent product to keep your tea, coffee, sugar, flour, dried goods, fruit, beans, rice fresher and more secure.

iVac: The Auto Vacuum Food Storage Container, Fresh Saver

When food is exposed to the air (the air component consists of Oxygen and moisture), it will certainly accelerate the oxidation and deterioration. Vacuum can successfully slow down the contact between Oxygen and food and not just preserve the food flavor, but also freshness and nutrition.

Have you ever computed just how much you wasted on disposing of food every year? We typically can not get to the food before its freshness expires and it results in a big amount of waste. iVac is your food fresh saver.

By using our food vacuum sealant system, iVac is qualified to prolong the life span of food and maintain your food fresh 5 times longer. To compare the standard hand vacuum pump, iVac electronic auto sealer cylinder is extra reliable, stable, and effort conserving. Just put your preferred food in the canister and press the switch on the lid. The air will automatically vacuum out and the canister inside comes to be airless in 15 seconds.

iVac: The Auto Vacuum Food Storage Container, Fresh Saver

This smart container also monitors the pressure inside – if the seal is broken or pressure decreases, it will immediately vacuum out the air. That way, you’ll never have to stress over air sneaking in after a long period of time.
The lid is not easy to remove despite having all human might due to the pressure difference inside and outside the container. You might merely press the grey button at the lid center to let the air out. Or when the impermeable seal is broken, the cover comes off immediately.

iVac comes with gauging glass clear containers that are made to reduce space. They are standard sized so every top fits every container and are stackable to conserve storage space. To organize your kitchen or counter top is very easy like never before.

These containers are made from nonporous glass that won’t warp, tarnish or soak up smells and will conveniently showcase your products. They have easy-to-read measurement signs in both milliliters and ounces to make the quantity of kept food understandable when required.

iVac: The Auto Vacuum Food Storage Container, Fresh Saver

iVac is not only to storage tea, coffee, sugar, flour, dried goods, fruit, beans, rice, cookies, chocolate, coffee, but meat as well when you are not able to eat it that day. For example, if you not just wish to secure quality, but allow the marinate to infuse a piece of chicken, steak, or pork.

Put it in there with your favorite marinade. Seal the container. You’ll quickly hear the sound of pressurization as air is launched from the container. Not just does it lock the freshness, however, the flavor is absolutely wonderful.

* Note it is just appropriate for temporary fresh-keeping and dish preparation in the refrigerator. It is not suitable for long-lasting storage space of fresh food. Do not put it in the freezer to prevent damages to the precision components inside the cover.
It is not ideal for the storage of liquids, and do not put it upside down when in use.

When fermented foods are stored in the container, they might create some gas. If the container can not actively drain the gas, it is most likely to damage.
iVac has got that covered. Making use of the particularly designed one-way valve as well as the smart auto-monitoring system, iVac permits auto seal and also reseal whenever the seal is broken to make sure durable quality conservation.

iVac: The Auto Vacuum Food Storage Container, Fresh Saver

They understand some rival products make big noises while operating. Though it’s a little point that might not have a great influence on individual experience, their designers worked to improve that. As a result of their advancement, iVac ultimately makes fairly reduced sounds.

All products are food grade and BPA free. Lid is made from very durable ABS which ensures toughness and also keeps the container secured.
iVac has integrated Lithium polymer battery, so you might recharge it when the battery drains out. Essentially it can be used for half a year taken opening the cover once a day for instance or 250 to 300 times vacuuming after a full charge.

You do not have to purchase additional batteries, and can help preserve the ecosystem by reducing battery waste. When it is charged, all you require to do is to push the power switch button and wait around 15 seconds till the container is sealed. iVac substantially saves us from tossing out food that has expired.

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