Tuesday, October 20, 2020


Staff Picks

The World’s #1 Smart Jump Starter

An essential winter purchase, helping you and your family to start dead batteries.https://youtu.be/QxalWLfTaFs

Beach Hub | the Instant Beach Shelter – Reimagined!

Your own portable beach house. Advanced sun protection, solar power, beach towel flooring, integrated LED and room for everyone.

Pl8ty | Radical, Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A portable Bluetooth speaker that transports you to the 80s- a tubular design combined with a modern-day twist.

Buggie Huggie | Shopping Will Never Be The Same

It's like a high-chair tray for your shopping cart that helps secure and entertains your kids while shopping!

Lauco | The Smallest & Powerful 100W USB-C Wireless Charging Hub

8-in-1/12-in-1 Hub | 100W USB-C Power Delivery | 4K@60Hz Dual HDMI | 10W Wireless Charger | USB 3.1 10Gbps| SD/TF Card...
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Customizable LED face mask with voice-activated smile and emojis!

As Seen On:

I made this mask a couple months ago after seeing a bunch of people making cool and unique facemasks. I wanted to one-up them and make the coolest mask possible, utilizing skills that are that are unique to me, and so I came up with this interactive voice-controlled facemask that you can make smile on demand. The video of me showing it off pretty much immediately went viral and I was inundated with requests from people who wanted to buy one. We’re working very hard to make that reality soon!

 About Tyler Glaiel

I am a video game programmer & designer who’s created games such as Closure, Bombernauts, The End is Nigh (with Edmund McMillen), and a ton of old flash games back in the day. This is my first physical product, and i hope you will enjoy it!

Battery position for all three versions of JabberMask

Increase your pledge amount above your chosen tier+shipping by the amount of the Mask’s pledge level. To do this, click on the “Manage your pledge” button at the top of the project page, then click “Change your pledge” on the next page. You can then increase your pledge by entering a larger number in the Pledge amount box and clicking the green,”Continue”, button.

A few weeks after the campaign ends, BackerKit (our pledge manager) will send you an e-mail.

You will see the following when you log into BackerKit:

  • 1. The amount you spent on your chosen tier
  • 2. The amount you were charged for shipping the tier.
  • 3. The amount you increased your pledge above 1. and 2.

The amount in 3. is the amount you have available to spend in BackerKit for more masks. There WILL be additional shipping charges associated with extra mask(s). BackerKit will allow you to choose your mask(s) and add more money if you decide you want even more or need to add more money for shipping.

Please note: You will have to pledge for the Lite tier or higher in the campaign or on BackerKit to purchase a mask.

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Featured Projects


360VRFit | Transforms Ordinary Machines into VR Fit Equipment

Enjoy 6 App Exercise of Cycling, Rhythm Games, and More with VR Through a Sensor Recognizing Rotational & Linear Motions

iUVi Water Purifying Smart Bottle

Water Purifier | Powerful flashlight | Integrated power bank | Patent pending

The Ellodee Sound Companion

A screen-free audio platform that gives kids of all ages a fun way to independently explore millions of songs, podcasts, and audiobooks.

The AtlasBIOvib | A Portable Massager Made For Your Neck

The AtlasBIOvib is the first handheld vibration device designed specifically for the muscles at the top of your neck.

Gym Box | The Best Home Gym

A compact, lightweight home gym. Easily portable for traveling. Full body workouts with over 165 exercises. Covers any fitness level.