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Jakemy | 2 IN 1 hand Screwdriver and Drill


Hello dear handyman-people around the World, I’m back!

Question: are you still spending twice the money to get a drill and a screwdriver?

After 16 months of upgrading the previous one, they are here to introduce a pen-shaped portable device – Jakemy!

Jakemy in work

Jakemy is a 2-in-1 electric screwdriver and drill.

If you acquire a hand drill and a screwdriver, just think about this product. It has all these functions, and more!

The anti-slip silicone on both sides gives you a great textured and hand-grip feeling. The silicone makes you certain that the screw will not get lost as a result of the slide of the screwdriver. The Jakemy design increased the accuracy as well as stability when turning screws.

Jakemy design

Equipped with 18 pcs universal stainless steel necessary bit, (10 items of screwdriver and the rest for the drill), Jakemy assures the item long-lastingness. The solid drill bit can handle any material you need, working on it without damage.

Jakemy 18 bits

The hardness of the bit will ensure you from the fret about the damage. Slipped screwhead is the most important factor. Feel free to utilize and use it without any fear. In 4.5 centimeters length, bits are applicable for the majority of things.

Drilling hole with Jakemy

With Jakemy, it is a small effort for you, big for him!

Whether you are fixing simple appliances or digital items in the house. With Jakemy, easy to use, you can take care of some little troubleshoots on your own. The bit size guarantees you can access somewhere hard-to-reach.

Jakemy features and  modes

Drilling holes, driving screws on the wood walls, or acrylic material, you can do it all with Jake! This item is safe and strong enough to drill and screw on any type of product. The will be no sideslip issues.

The 4-claw high-strength locking design

It will keep your bits strongly fixed in the device, providing you the safety without the bit coming off.

4 Claw locking

Three-button simple design: right, switch, left, gives you ideal spin. Besides that, makes the operation very basic and clear. You can focus on the operation without wasting time to assume how and where to push the buttons.

Two-speed control

This meets any kind of requirement in drilling or screw driving. You can change the speed as you need.

Electric screwdriver  with bits

Advice: high-speed gear for drilling & screw driving, the low-speed rate for screw driving.

The long-lasting magnet brushless motor provides 1.2 kg. No matter what the product is made of, the torque is solid sufficient to drill it through. Meanwhile, the conversion of motor rate is extremely smooth, and also there will certainly be no stuck in the highest speed. If it’s stuck, Jakemy will remind you, and instantly power off in 3 seconds.

weigh pressure Jakemy

Power & equipement support for Jakemy

Universal USB-C port, charges 2,000 mAh with a high-energy lithium battery. It can easily complete 1,000 screws driving as well as 800 drilling actions. And the good thing is that you can use it while charging.

Screwdriver, box and bits

Jakemy is also packed with a de-magnetizing/ magnetizing tool and ABS plastic explosion-proof packaging box. The box enables it to be used orderly and is convenient to carry around. The coffer ensures the item to be long-lasting. No more stressing about the damages or accidental drop.

Team projectants

They also prepared a combination toolset that includes extension bits and standard screw bits. There’re 150 pcs. A manual screw pole is also there because every good toolset contains one.


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