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JMGO O1 Pro | Ultra-short Throw Smart LED Projector

100″ FHD in 9 Inches|Auto Correction|Dual Speakers Tuned by Dynaudio|Co-engineered with Leica

Enjoy a true cinematic experience at home. Get a bigger screen and better view with JMGO O1 Pro. Thanks to the ultra-short-throw design, this FHD 4k compatible projector provides a massive 70” to 110” screen size when placed just 9 inches away from the wall or projection surface. Set JMGO O1 Pro on the tabletop and enjoy your favorite TV shows, sports & games bigger than ever!


With JMGO O1 Pro, you will no longer suffer the casting shadows when walking across anymore. Get a smooth and uninterrupted view!

Firstly, with JMGO O1 Pro, large distances are not necessary to enjoy a stunning big-screen experience so it can be used anywhere. Co-engineered with Leica, the world’s premium manufacturer of cameras and sports optics, together elevates the home cinema experience with Full High Definition (FHD) at 1920x1080P resolution, dynamic contrast ratio up to 6000:1, and enhanced brightness to 1250ANSI for sharp and vivid multimedia that redefines your home cinema experience. 


Secondly, JMGO O1 Pro’s 110’’ giant screen delivers the wide color gamut as Laser TV, displaying a cinema-like picture full of vibrant colors that provide more true-to-life images from the LED light source.

Stunning Detail with MT9669 Chip

JMGO 01 Pro is powered by a MediaTek MT9669 chip, the current top-of-the-line flagship chip in the smart TV and projection industry. This advanced chip lets JMGO O1 Pro realize intelligent noise reduction while supporting high dynamic range imaging and motion compensation.  Fast-moving images are always smooth and clear for incredible detail.

Get cinematic stereo sound to match the stunning display. Co-created with the leading producer of loudspeakers – Dynaudio, the specially tuned and enhanced audio is powerful, immersive, and surrounds you with stereo sound.

Wall Color Calibration

JMGO O1 Pro is a pioneer in wall color calibration, which allows automatic adaptation to display color and brightness settings in real-time. No matter what level of ambient lighting, it accurately displays colors for optimal viewing. 

Zero Perception Intelligent System & Super-Fast Picture Correction


This projector has a powerful three-dimensional space perception ability, thanks to a multi-point TOF sensor. Equipped with the self-developed Zero Perception Intelligent System, it will perform Auto Keystone Correction to adjust display shape and use its Auto-Focus Algorithm to instantly and subtly correct images without user input.

Eye Protection System

JMGO O1 Pro features enhanced intelligent anti-glare with diffuse reflection to eliminate spotlighting and a Low Blue Light mode that automatically activates when the corresponding content is played. The Eye Protection System protects your eyes and maximizes your home entertainment experience.

Movie Mode

Play TV series, movies, games, sports, and music in classic mode. It elevates your entertainment and boosts your multimedia content.


Smart 24/7 Companion with Luna OS

JMGO O1 Pro features Luna OS for your 24/7 companion, including a music visualizer, message board, weather dashboard, and more. Turn any wall of the room into an information hub, an art exhibition.

By clicking the Luna OS button on the remote control, you can freely switch between Companion Mode and Movie Mode. In other words, opening up a world of art and imagination with just one click.

Alexa Built-in

Live a smart and convenient life with JMGO O1 Pro. With Alexa built-in, simply speak voice commands into the remote control. Moreover, you can tell it to control your music, smart home devices, news, weather, and more.


Ultra-long 45,000 Hours Lifespan

JMGO O1 Pro is built with long-term reliability using an industry-leading chipset. Additionally, an advanced LED light source has a lifespan of 45,000 hours. It will provide years of service and power to your entertainment all day, every day.

Universal Compatibility

Lastly, JMGO O1 Series is versatile and works across all your device ecosystems.  With universal input and output ports including 2*USB, 2*HDMI, 1*Optical, and 1*Lan, JMGO is conveniently compatible with your phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. This is making it possible to unify all the gadgets you have and display all multimedia content.

Cutting-edge, Minimalist Design

To sum up, JMGO O1 Pro is a projector that combines technology and aesthetics. With its full moon grey color and sleek thoughtful design, JMGO O1 Pro makes a stylish addition to any room in the house.

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