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K-25 | Bath Towel Reinvented


Quick-dry, Odor-free, Soft giant waffle Bath Towel that soaks water as a super-sponge! Sustainable 100% Organic cotton

Terry towels take forever to dry and develop a stinky musty smell because a wet towel is a perfect environment to grow a civilization of mold and bacteria.


The SOLUTION is K-25 100% Organic Cotton Waffle Towels.

They are:

  • Odor-free;
  • Naturally antibacterial;
  • Soft & Fresh Every time you need it.

It was a long creative process with three variables in hand: fabric weight, pattern, and weaving technic. After developing many prototype samples, they achieved a perfect balance. This will be the last towel you’ll ever want to buy. Why compromise if you need just one towel – simply THE BEST!

  • Comes in 3 colors: Vanilla, Frost Gray, and Galaxy Blue
  • Oversized, comes in 4 sizes: bath sheet, bath towel, hand towel, and face towel.
  • European SPA bath experience at home. Perfect as a gym towel, golf towel, spa towel.
  • Their lattice towels are sustainably made with 100% organic cotton.  No more stinky towels!
  • Odor-free, soft, and dry towel every time you need it. Sustainable materials, superb craftsmanship.

Their towels are so luxuriously soft and nicely textured that they found them surprisingly versatile. Use them every time and anywhere: after bath, shower, spa, pool-side or beach


On average, a person showers 7 times a week. Meaning, daily.

Most of the time when we are ready to shower, our towel isn’t. We are a few years away from sending humans to Mars, but our everyday essential is still underperforming.


All it has to do is absorb excess water quickly, dry out between uses, be durable and soft at the same time. Do we expect too much?

They’ve tried a good stockpile of different brands, textures, and fabrics on the market, but none of them was right. Being perfectionists for life, they went on a mission to create a life-changer – K-25 – the best towels ever, either for hair or body.


Since 2017 they are creating some of the best waffle towels on the market.

Shipped to over 70 countries around the world. Tested and loved by thousands of happy customers around the world.



K-25 towels have the biggest airy waffle weave squares:

  • waffle texture = enhanced surface area for maximum absorption;
  • less surface of contact = less damage to hair cuticles and skin cells;
  • innovative airy honeycomb pockets let it dry faster than ever as they allow air to flow through;
  • less friction = less frizz, rush, and skin irritations;
  • pockets are prone to getting flat or ropy.

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