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KABUTO | Fingerprint-Locked Trunk + Expandable Backpack

Magically opening luxury trunk with removable pocket + impossibly expandable 2-in-1 briefcase and backpack.

Summer’s right around the corner and, unlike last year, that implies summer holidays are practically upon us. Why not decide to travel right now to make up for the lack of traveling since last year! Anyway, the fact is, your travel luggage requires an upgrade.

Kabuto is right here to assist you to slake your wanderlust with the Trunk.


It’s full-sized, hard shell luggage with a magnetic installing point for a laptop sleeve or knapsack.


Weighing just over 10lbs., this abundant traveling bag has all sorts of covert attributes that make it ideal for every vacationer.

Just looking at it, you can tell the Trunk is a little different than others. Rather than a pop-up handle sticking up from the rear of the traveling bag, it merges with the exterior, leaving the entire top area of the bag as an ad-hoc work area. It hinges open, with wheels on either side to ensure that you can access the components without flopping them on the ground or your bed.

And have you seen those wheels? With double ball bearings and rubber tires, they roll smoother than you would certainly anticipate from a suitcase. They’re reasonably quiet and absorb bumps with aplomb. They’ll be able to stay on top with you despite if you’re strolling between entrances or sprinting to make a connection.

The front pocket has a spot for a battery pack. Either a 30W mobile phone version or a 60W laptop-compatible battery. Both can quickly be accessed by means of the center on the top of the bag. Speaking of, that hub additionally has a fingerprint sensing unit. There’s no combination to fail to remember or key to lose, the TSA-certified sensing unit can store up to 10 fingerprints for a rather addicting instant unlock.

You can likewise equip with packing dices and a suit sleeve for modular packing in the Trunk. This allows you to pack much more or just maintain everything in one place.

The genuine showstopper though is the integrated magnetic mount on the front of the Trunk. There you can attach a laptop computer sleeve or Kabuto’s new backpack. The knapsack resembles a laid-back briefcase at first look. With a hidden snap, you can conveniently convert it to an expandable backpack. There are no zippers to adjust; the bag expands as pressure from the contents pushes the magnets hidden in the side. It’s an elegant, convenient service that offers you all types of choices.


The knapsack is no slouch either when it concerns organization. There are pockets throughout to keep everything kept away securely. It’s additionally waterproof.

The Trunk from Kabuto is specifically the type of bag you will ever need.


Full-sized, hard shell luggage with tons of space, incorporated clever features, as well as concealed flexibility. Couple it with the brand-new knapsack and you have actually got a travel duo that will have you prepared for whatever challenges you experience in your journeys.


Moreover, if you require a bag today, you can get their Kabuto Carry-on which is currently offered on their website. It’s expandable and also has an integrated laptop sleeve which contains a USB-C cord for passthrough charging your device when it’s anchored with the bag. It additionally has the biometric fingerprint lock in addition to the smooth-as-butter dual-bearings and rubber tire wheels.

Their campaign on Kickstarter was funded in only 14 minutes! So, if you want it, get it today! While the Trunk, as well as Backpack, are both remarkable, they’re also a bit on the higher end. Kabuto is running an early riser special now for $859 for the combo. The full market price will certainly be $1,359 when Kabuto starts marketing the Trunk and Backpack from their website after the September crowdfunding fulfillment.

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