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Kaibo Flex | Bone Conduction Headphones for the Future

Kaibo Flex

Let me introduce You to the next wave of bone conduction earphones!

This team believes that safe, open-ear listening should be on par with impressive sound experience!

Bone conduction innovation (BCT) functions by sending sound resonances to your internal ear. That means with bone instead of the air in your ear canal. This suggests you can have calls as well as music while leaving your ears open. Always ready to hear your surroundings.

running with Kaibo flex

It is important to hear all of it!

Whether you’re working out outdoors, working from your favorite coffee shop, or if you are a multi-tasking parent! If you are at your home or hard-of-hearing, our bone transmission earphones offer convenience as well as safety. Of course, without compromising on audio high quality.

Kaibo Flex uses trademarked audio technology.

Delivering crystal-clear mid as well as high-pitch frequencies together with solid bass. You can hear every information and sound accurate and clear.

foldable kaibo flex

They have actually combined their patented bone transmission transducers with the best materials. The mechanical design is here to lessen any type of resonances you might feel. You can now enjoy your music as well as calls at any volume. Also, with no uncomfortable experiences or tension to your ears.

Their cutting-edge cladding technique removes nearly all sound leakage. That way keep your music and calls private.

Using Kaibo Flex is very easy. You could say almost intuitive. Control calls, music, volume, as well as voice assistants…All with a simple Smart touch.

Noise cancellation

Built-in optical sensors provide you with a smooth listening experience. Kaibo Flex functions in a way that pauses your audio automatically when you take your earphones off. Also, simply return to play as quickly as you put them back on. Perfect to incorporate with any of your activities. It is a Smart Play/Pause system.

kaibo flex

Kaibo Flex is equipped with double noise-canceling microphones.

It makes you sure that you maintain crystal-clear phone calls. The environmental noise cancellation (ENC) filters out any surrounding sounds. Whether you’re out running duties, commuting, or in the house.

outdoor noise cancllation

Kaibo Flex has a built-in battery with as much as 8 hours of listening time. This is possible with a single charge. And also, standby time for up to a whole week! The wireless charging dock adds another 32 hrs of battery life. Additionally, giving you an overall as much as 40 hours more, when you’re on the go.

Magnetic Charging Dock

charching magnetic dock kaibo flex

Kaibo Flex additionally includes two convenient quick-charge options. They thought you’ll love it: a 5-minute fast charge offers you an entire hr of battery life. While a 45-minute charge provides you an additional 6 hrs.

Kaibo Flex earphones are made to last.

They are made from a smooth silicone outline, as well as lightweight. This means you can wear them all day without pain. The titanium alloy frame preserves longevity. Also, never loses its shape.

Its IP55 rating assists in weather dust and also moisture. This makes it resistant enough to endure a little rain, sweat, and sandy conditions.

They are a team with over 30 years of earphone design experience.

They are excited that bone conduction technology is ending up being a more preferred choice for everyday earphones! Their experts have actually created audio processors for brand names like Bose and Sennheiser. Also, they build their bone conduction technology upon the exact same concepts of delivering fuller-range sound quality. They invested the last two years in researching the materials. Also the mechanical layout. Their goal was to combine personal privacy, comfort, and audio in a BCT headphone!

kaiboaudio logo

Their objective was to create Kaibo Flex for daily usage. Given that they also put their focus to fit battery life and mobility. A great deal of prototyping and testing was conducted here. Only to produce the best mobile charging dock. This offers approximately 40 complete hrs of use. No need to plug it in before. It’s first, and with BCT earphones!

They are really delighted to introduce you to Kaibo Flex. Created to be as easy to use as any other true cordless stereo (TWS) earphones. And while enjoying all the advantages that bone transmission needs to offer!

kaio team

CP & Vivian

“Kaibo Audio is a father-daughter team from Austin, TX with family roots in Taiwan.”

Kaibo Flex

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