Kali | Ecological 100% Konjac Kitchen Sponge

Kali - Ecological 100% Konjac Kitchen Sponge

The unique formula of composition | Long-Lasting | Clean 4x faster

Have you examined your dish sponge recently? How good does it smell?

It probably isn’t very appealing – old food combined with stagnating water makes most sponges a literal breeding ground for harmful, foul-smelling bacteria. In addition, the incubation process can start within a day or two of opening a new package.

It’s entirely possible washing your dishes with your current sponge is actually doing more harm than good. That’s because the “technology” inside has not been updated for at least 50 years.

Kali - Ecological 100% Konjac Kitchen Sponge

We are reinventing the sponge by incorporating numerous dramatic improvements in nature-based science discovered during recent years. Now your sponge will be designed from 100% natural and organic materials, and it will be naturally, ergonomically designed to help you clean dishes in a small fraction of the time it takes now.

Introducing: The Kali Eco Organic-Sponge

Plastic leaches toxins, not only into the environment but also into your hands and onto your dishes. Chemicals and synthetic oils have long been known to cause long-term damage to humans on a cellular level.

Kali - Ecological 100% Konjac Kitchen Sponge

Let’s face it, most sponges are not designed for YOU. No. The rectangular design you get stuck with is the result of what’s easiest for the manufacturer. As a result, all you get for your money is the lowest-effort product without any thought for how you’re going to use it.

You don’t want any of those things in your sponge! But if you bought your current sponge at the store, there is no doubt many of those substances are already in your house.

The Kali Sponge is the only sponge that lets your natural health flourish while keeping your dishes clean at the same time.

Kali - Ecological 100% Konjac Kitchen Sponge

The Kali sponge is different. Made from 100% natural Konjac (a useful plant that naturally grows in Japan), it is biodegradable and completely harmless for the environment – and you.

First of all, dishes are round. That’s why the Kali is round, too. It makes it easier to cover the whole surface with a series of natural swipes, without sticking the corners of the sponge over the edge just to get complete coverage.

Secondly, our washing surface is almost 2 times larger than a regular sponge, without increasing the difficulty of cleaning your dishes at all. So, every brush with the Kali is twice as effective as a normal sponge.

Kali - Ecological 100% Konjac Kitchen Sponge

Finally, the Kali sponge is designed to easily fit over both top and bottom of the dish at the same time with the unique two-sided design.

Altogether, The Kali Cleans 4X Faster

Additionally, the Kali Sponge has 2 layers for cleaning every dish and pan that you own.

The soft layer is perfect for dinner plates, cups and other “gentle” washing jobs, while the tough hard layer is designed to bust through carbon deposits and thick, “caked on” food that required scrubbing. Enjoy clean dishes without scratching your fine china, all in one versatile sponge.

Most surprisingly, the Kali Sponge is designed as the perfect sponge for the “suds” that help your dish soap clean best. Thanks to Konjac, the Kali is light and small enough to put safely away when it is dry…

Kali - Ecological 100% Konjac Kitchen Sponge

But once it gets wet, it begins to expand! It can absorb enough moisture and soap to become almost twice as large when wet, and the foam created can help you stretch your detergent twice as long!

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