Kara Pure Make pure water from the air
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Kara Pure | Make pure water from the air

10L of fresh drinking water daily. World’s 1st air-to-water dispenser of mineral-rich alkaline water

Kara Pure is a great innovation for your house or office. Purifying the air and giving you the best water for drinking. This Indiegogo campaign is worth supporting and will definitely help you to be healthier and will make a great addition to your home/office décor.

Kara Pure Make pure water from the air

Featuring an innovative air-to-water filtration system, in-house developed heat technology, and germicidal UV-C tech.

Kara Pure is the world’s first 9.2+ pH antioxidant-alkaline and mineral enriched water dispenser.

Kara Pure Make pure water from the air

The team at Kara Pure is proud to announce the launch of the crowdfunding campaign for Kara Pure. The most sophisticated atmospheric water dispenser. While the process of converting water vapor in the air to water has a long history, it has finally reached its technological peak with Kara Pure.

Kara Pure Make pure water from the air

All over the world, drinking water distribution systems are working 24 hours a day to supply safety-certified drinking water to every household. However, despite best efforts, problems like unsafe contaminants or inadequate water disinfection may still arise. While bottled water is often considered a good alternative, at the same time it has a negative impact on the environment.

What might seem like a no-win situation, appears Kara Pure with its ability to deliver up to 300 liters of not just drinking but alkaline freshwater per month (10 liters per day). Water is sourced from the air and fortified with minerals. Moreover, they contain antioxidants, anti-aging, and anti-anxiety properties you won’t find anywhere else.

Kara Pure Make pure water from the air

How Does It Work?

Kara Pure makes water by pulling it out of the air. Captures the moisture in the air, and as it accumulates, it consequently stores up to 10 liters of drinking water daily. Minerals in the water have antioxidants, anti-aging, and anti-anxiety properties. And the water itself has an unbeatable pH of 9.2+. (8.5-9.5 to be precise).

Kara Pure Make pure water from the air

The Most Sophisticated Purification System.

You receive Kara Pure water after an in-depth, 8-step purification process is applied.

Therefore, the step-by-step procedure is shown below;

Kara Pure Make pure water from the air
  1. Due to the nature of zeolites (minerals that contain mainly aluminum and silicon compounds, they are used as drying agents, in detergents, and in water and air purifiers), the main absorption material of the desiccant wheel, it is very good at capturing small molecules in the air. And that includes not only vapor, but also all kinds of viruses, bacteria, allergens, spores, and even formaldehyde.
  2. Once the air enters Kara Pure their innovative heating technology, reaching 100 – 260 C, destroys 99.9% of germs in the air and produces highly pure water. After capturing the water, they constantly circulate it through a UV filter to ensure no germs are present.
  3. Prior to pouring, Kara Pure passes the water through the UV filter again and finally through a carbon filter. Once the bacteria/virus is not active, it can no longer infect. It delivers not only clean water but cleaner air as well.
Kara Pure Make pure water from the air

It’s Not Just H₂O, It’s World’s First 9.2+ pH Pure Mineral Water

Enhancing your water with 7 rare minerals. Kara Pure pours 9.2+ pH antioxidant alkaline water to give a powerful boost to your health and immune system. Listed below are the minerals present in the water and their beneficial effects on health.

Calcium Bone Health

Lithium                        Mental Wellness

Magnesium                 Healthy blood pressure

Zinc                             Immune Support

Selenium                     Powerful Antioxidant

Strontium                    Reduce acidity  

Metasilicic acid            Healthy Skin

Kara Pure Make pure water from the air

Easily Accessible and Elegant Design

Even though Kara Pure looks similar to a regular water dispenser, it stands out for its minimalistic yet luxurious design. Coming with a custom silver metallic color and an easy-to-move size measure, you can relocate and sync it with any interior choices and design solutions. Moreover, for optimum performance, placing Kara Pure near a window or in a large open space with a 60-80% humidity level will produce the ultimate result.

Kara Pure Make pure water from the air

About the company

Co-founded in 2017 by Cody Soodeen and Michael Di Giovanna. Kara Pure aims at bringing clean, safe, and innovative water technology to everyone.

Only by bringing together a team of professional engineers and advisors from different industries was it possible to develop a technology that can produce up to 2.5 gallons of safe drinking water from the air. Therefore, they want to decrease dependence on groundwater by fully tapping into air-water with Kara Pure to provide everyone access to premium quality local alkaline drinking water.

Kara Pure Make pure water from the air

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