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KEYsistant | Pure Brass Multi-Function Key


The first 8-in-1 anti-microbial, pure brass, no-touch, multi function key

After seeing the limitations with PPE/EDC, their huge costs, environmental wastage, they knew there was a better way! 

Hence, they created KEYsistant – the first pure, solid Brass, 8-in-1 multi-function, antimicrobial tool. With free carabiner, split-ring, pull reel its useful in many ways. It looks like a Key; helpful like an Assistant; resilient and resistant to germs.   


With KEYsistant, you can reduce contact area by up to 99% from four major germs: Bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa. 70-80% of illness are caused by such germs spread via touching.

No more elbows, pens, tissue, or spraying before touching. Use it anywhere…

Hold handle bars in a bus or train; tear simple packing, flip switches! 

It includes FREE carabiner, split ring & pull reel to reduce cross contamination! Buckle it to trouser or bag! Get easy access to KEYsistant, ID or keys. Never drop, lose or forget them. 

Bring keys, ID card together. No clunky clutter. Attach it to the free rugged carabiner! 


Long-lasting design

It has a lifetime warranty. Cost effective and multi-use, eco-friendly PPE/EDC alternative to one-time, ‘use & throw’ wipes, disposable gloves, tissue paper, bottles, plastic, sprays, liquid sanitizers.
When used as recommended, core brass (by which KEYsistant is made of) can last hundreds of years. There is lot of archaeological evidence for this.

Reusability and recyclability

Brass is recyclable. Even after recycling, it does not lose its intrinsic properties and the recycling process is less energy-intensive and yields much smaller carbon footprint Vs. aluminum, iron, plastic or steel etc. 

Sustainable materials

They used recyclable brass and the cardboard packing is also recyclable.  

Environmentally friendly factories

Made in ISO-9001 certified, 20,000 Sqm, specialist metal production facility with 20 years’ experience. Its certified as per European standards.

Thousands from NY Times, FDA, scientists, environmentalists are raising the alarm on Covid19 wastage, infection from surfaces, and how PPE/EDC is causing damage to health and environment and wastage.  

Millions of people use public places every day, get infected from germs and spread them. 

Masks are a must. KEYsistant is a great alternative that complements PPE/EDC and eco-friendly.

It’s what its made of that makes the difference Vs. not how it looks or priced. 
DON’T fall for ‘lookalikes’ made of cheap ineffective materials, coated, color plated clones. 

Brass is validated by the US EPA and Scientists for its oligodynamic properties and KEYsistant is independently tested. 

‘Made by Professionals. Created from Experience. Validated by Experts. ‘ 

It took them more than many months of hard work from research to concept to 2D to 3D to prototypes testing, revisions to production to ready for shipping!  

Its made at an ISO-9001 certified, 20,000 Sqm specialist metal facility with 20 years’ experience with an R&D team of metallurgy experts. 

Each KEYsistant is carefully molded from pure brass, polished manually, inspected, and packed for the best quality. No short cuts.  

Its independently certified by internationally accredited lab (compliant with FDA, ASTM, ISO, USP, DIN, JS, IQS) that specializes in testing metal quality, PPE, health & safety. 


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