Kincase - Incomparable, Ultra Anti-cut, Multi-Use Backpack
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Kincase | Incomparable, Ultra Anti-cut, Multi-Use Backpack

Kincase makes designers backpacks with unmatched security features

Introducing the Kincase, ANTI-THEFT BACKPACK. Trust me, this is all you need for traveling and keeping your valuables safe and sound. It is very simple yet functional and practical. So, if you were looking for a perfect backpack, this one is for you!

Kincase - Incomparable, Ultra Anti-cut, Multi-Use Backpack

Simple & Smart Design

Their design philosophy is uncomplicated. They made a bag with a single puncture-proof zipper and fabric and materials that ensure theft protection while traveling. Therefore, it’s comfortable to wear, carry, and can collapse and fold flat for easy storage at home.

Kincase - Incomparable, Ultra Anti-cut, Multi-Use Backpack
  • RFID
  • TSA
  • Level 5 Cut-Proof Fabric
  • Security Straps
  • RFID Blocking
  • Anti-Coded lock
  • YKK Puncture resistant zipper
  • Flat-Folding
  • Charging Technology
  • Water-Resistant

A Comprehensive Anti-Theft System Kincase makes designer backpacks with unmatched security features.

Kincase - Incomparable, Ultra Anti-cut, Multi-Use Backpack

This travel backpack has a double-layer puncture-resistant zipper that runs through the entire bag and an RFID-blocking interior. So, it’s cut-proof and water-resistant, and with advanced lockable buckles on the shoulder straps, you will feel secure wherever you are.

Kincase - Incomparable, Ultra Anti-cut, Multi-Use Backpack
  • Double-layer Puncture resistant zipper
  • Level 5 Cut-Proof Fabric
  • RFID Blocking Pocket
  • TSA combination lock
  • Anti-theft Buckle
  • Their Anti-Theft Features
  • High-Quality Cut-proof Material
  • 50% Polymer Polyacetylene Fabric 37% Black Ultra-fine, Industrial-level, Polyester Silk
  • 3% Military Level Glass Fiber


  • Level 5 Cut-Proof Fabric
  • Polyester fiber
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Cut-proof PP Protection Board
  • YKK Puncture resistant zipper
Kincase - Incomparable, Ultra Anti-cut, Multi-Use Backpack

YKK® Puncture Resistant Zipper Pens, knives, or pointy objects will not perforate the zipper, giving you peace of mind.

Kincase - Incomparable, Ultra Anti-cut, Multi-Use Backpack

Security Straps

Secure your bag to a fixture to help avoid bag theft. In other words, keep your bag safe from a snatch and grab wherever you go.

Loop it, Lock it & Relax With Advantek Security Locks

Incomparable, Ultra Anti-cut, Multi-Use Backpack

Never worry about your bag being stolen. This innovative lock allows you to secure your bag to a fixed object, making it impossible for someone to snatch it. The Advantek Security Lock comes in handy if you happen to be traveling on the subway or commuting through a busy, crowded area.

Incomparable, Ultra Anti-cut, Multi-Use Backpack

Double TSA Lock 720 key code combination Three-number TSA lock system.

This is an upgraded version of the single TSA lock on the market today. Therefore, the double TSA lock design ensures that you’re the only person who can open your bag.

RFID Blocking Pocket

Store your credit cards or passport. Additionally, the RFID blocking feature is incorporated into the side pocket to protect your information from theft.

Fully enclosed design, stronger shielding signal.

Magnetic Seal

Incomparable, Ultra Anti-cut, Multi-Use Backpack

A hidden back pocket keeps your passport or wallet safe and secure.

Backpacks = A Challenge to Store More than 90% of people surveyed believe that storing a large-capacity backpack at home takes up a lot of space and is annoying.

Incomparable, Ultra Anti-cut, Multi-Use Backpack

On-the-Go Charging Technology A USB 3.0 port is built into the bottom of the backpack, meaning your power bank can be stored inside the bag. Moreover, you can juice up your device without taking out your power bank. Simply plug in and charge.

Angled insert design extends the life of USBs.

Incomparable, Ultra Anti-cut, Multi-Use Backpack

Concealable Straps Convert your Kincase into a duffle bag by stashing the shoulder straps.

Therefore, you can haul all of your gear in a sleek, stylish, and easy-to-carry duffle bag without having to sacrifice style.

IPX8 Waterproof Laundry Bag This bag is a great place to put wet or dirty items. In other words, mind your valuables and keep things clean and separate.

  • Dirty clothes
  • Electronics
  • Shoes
  • Cold drinks
  • IPX8 waterproof Laundry Bag
  • IPX8 Waterproof
  • Laundry Bag Material – Polyester
  • Color – Black
  • Dimensions – 38.5x65cm
  • Weight – 0.12kg
  • Capacity – 18L
  • Large side openings

Easy Storage & Access The two-way zipper allows you to open the bag from either end, consequently saving you time.

A large opening at the top

Fold and Put Away This bag is designed to be easily folded and stored.

55% reduced volume compared to previous Kincase bags

Save Space

And lastly, one zipper throughout the whole backpack will make your life easier.

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