Knee Plus: Targeted Treatment, Effective Relief
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Knee Plus | Targeted Treatment, Effective Relief


Experience relief & empower recovery with our next-gen, targeted laser and light therapy technology

If you looking for fast pain relief, efficient and targeted treatment, Knee Plus is a great choice! The fact that it uses laser light therapy is way more effective than just LED. It goes deep down in tissue and stimulates the joints to recover. Works great for professional athletes, and anybody who had an injury in the past. You can use it literally anywhere. Support their campaign today!

Knee Plus is a laser and LED light therapy solution that provides clinical-level treatment in a small battery-driven, modular device to help relieve chronic joint pain, inflammation, and cartilage degeneration.

Knee Plus Targeted Treatment, Effective Relief

An innovative light therapy device that utilizes LED lights and next-generation lasers which are proven to:

  • Help support the regrowth of blood vessels and cartilage
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Support the body’s own unique healing process.

With their device, you get ALL this from the comfort of your own home so you can get back to doing what you love!

Light therapy (Clinical term: Photobiomodulation)

Knee Plus Targeted Treatment, Effective Relief light therapy

Increases blood flow to damaged tissue by dilating blood vessels and therefore decreases regional inflammatory cytokines.

Moreover, by creating a joint-specific device, they can ensure that the device consistently delivers the right dosage to your internal tissue where it will have the highest impact on your recovery.

Knee Plus Targeted Treatment, Effective Relief features


Laser and LED lights

  • Knee+ optimizes lasers and LED lights to bring the highest quality light therapy possible.
  • Provides easy and effective therapy sessions lasting less than 5 minutes.

Magnetic Straps

  • Knee+ includes two magnetic straps for security and ease during use.
  • Simply attach the bands to problem areas for hands-free sessions.
Knee Plus Targeted Treatment, Effective Relief

Magnetic Charging Dock

  • The magnetic charging dock allows Knee+ to charge quickly and easily without hassle.
  • The charging dock is portable.

Battery Powered

  • Knee+ is battery powered enabling relaxation and comfort during treatment sessions.
  • The batteries are rechargeable through the magnetic charging dock.

Use Knee Plus anywhere.

Knee Plus Targeted Treatment, Effective Relief straps


Smartphone App

  • Knee+ includes a free smartphone app that provides: Reminders for treatment sessions o A timer during sessions o Meditations and soundscapes during sessions
  • Standard leg exercises to improve strength before and after sessions.
Knee Plus Targeted Treatment, Effective Relief free app


One size fits most

Knee Plus Targeted Treatment, Effective Relief specs


  • Up to 4 sessions on one full charge
  • Takes less than 1 hour to fully charge

Dosage is key for optimal results. Panels and LEDs don’t provide the optimal dosage​. Knee Plus lasers penetrate joints and muscle tissue to ensure fast relief and recovery.

Reasons why would Knee Plus benefit you;

  • Had a traumatic injury in the past (MCL, ACL, Meniscus, Muscle Tear or Sprain, Ankle Sprains, etc)
  • You think twice before doing what you love because of pain,
  • You always have the idea of surgery in the back of your head,
  • Afraid of getting back to your sports activities.

Why does Knee+ include lasers and LED lights?

The LED lights aim to provide surface-level therapy while the lasers help effectively penetrate joints and internal tissues. The combination of LED lights and lasers allows Knee+ to produce optimal wavelengths throughout one session.

Knee Plus Targeted Treatment, Effective Relief laser vs led

Next-generation lasers help increase the penetration rate for more accurate dosing of internal tissue. Applying at skin level optimizes application, meaning quicker recovery.  

Modular design for flexible positioning

The Knee+ modules are battery-powered and rapidly recharge through the magnetic charging dock. The charging dock is portable so you can bring Knee+ with you anywhere!

Knee Plus Targeted Treatment, Effective Relief

Meet the Reviiv Light team

Their goal is to positively impact the world and help those suffering from chronic pain get back to moving. They have a highly qualified team and have partnered with leading manufacturing and fulfillment companies around the world. They’re committed to making Knee+ a reality and are excited to share this journey with you.

Knee Plus Targeted Treatment, Effective Relief team

Working with world-class Physios, Doctors & Sports Scientists, they created their own Reviiv Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). This team of medically trained specialists works daily to keep athletes on the field, US Army & Navy personnel in optimal performance, and weekend warrior cross-fitters at their peak. This SAB ensured their product meets the highest standards so that you can get back to doing what you love best.


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