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Hey You!

No matter how much You try, your plants look terrible?
Wendy never waters her plants, yet somehow they always look fabulous.
Yup, I have to disappoint You, but Wendy lied to You…
Because every plant has a special requirement.

So I found a solution to make Wendy jealous – of your future house greenery!

KORU Purify Your Air & Grow Healthy Plants living room

Perfectly developed hybrid air purifier KORU

Koru is a perfectly developed hybrid air purifier and also a clever planter! It makes use of A.I. as well as sophisticated technology. It immediately flourishes plants and also efficiently cleans the air you breathe.

living room with plants

Say goodbye to ugly, unsustainable air purifiers! He will be one of the most effective design objects you will ever have in your office or home.

how does koru works

If you struggle to maintain your plants watered or fret you are sprinkling them too much be sure that you are not the only one! Wrong watering, unbalanced light exposure, and even poor soil can easily transform your home green corner right into a plant graveyard.

Smart sensors and Intelligence

what measures koru

Thanks to the smart sensor as well as Artificial Intelligence, Koru monitors your plant’s health and wellness and takes care of them. NASA modern technology inspired KORU to combine the natural air purification properties or of plants’ roots with a photocatalyst (PCO) filter. The PCO filter is a high-end product that activates by UV-An and UV-C light. By doing that ruins germs and infections, and also gets rid of VOCs from your breathing air.

watching plant thru mobile screen

Testing KORU effectiveness

Koru’s effectiveness has been proven via many rigorous tests. The test were covering many gases and contaminants from air-borne particles. In a 100ft2 room, Koru proved it can reduce the number of pollutants down in as fast as 1.5 hrs. The efficiency of the purification system is ranked at an industry-standard CADR ranking of 70 CFM.

details of koru parts

Their air purifier has been carefully evaluated and tested. They validate that all insurance claims are backed up by third-party! That way ensuring Koru delivers on and exceeds all your expectations.

HEPA is a history

HEPA filters, previously considered the “golden criteria” for air filtration, are now giving the place to the superior. More sustainable technology is providing better results in every aspect. Thousands of tons of HEPA filters are left to slowly decompose in landfills… But KORU guarantees to do much better (With their 3 step air purification)!


His cleanable filter never needs to be replaced.

On top of not needing substitutes or adding to waste, KORU uses only 16 watts of energy (the equivalent of 1 typical LED lamp). That makes it the most economic purifier ever!

It was never so easy having a plant with KORU

Your plants have never been this low-maintenance, haven’t they? KORU knows exactly what to do to get the most from your plant. It’s since it has many sensors checking every single piece of information.

a guy watches  app

They use long-lasting and also all-natural materials. The goal is to minimize glue usage as well as screws by interlocking the various pieces. That way making Koru incredibly easy to recycle.

orchid in koru
green plant in koru
monstera tree in koru

You can have any kind of plant, from succulents to exotic plants! All you have to do is select the sort of plant you are growing in the Application. KORU does the rest of the job.

The KORU App

It lets you keep an eye on the health of your plant as well as your air quality 24/7. You can connect KORU to your smart home with Google Assistant or Alexa!

app koru

Koru immediately runs the purifier when needed. However, you can choose for yourself also. There are 4 modes in the application: Off, Silent, Auto, and Boost.

You get to lighten up your living space with a magnificent plant that will not die! Also, you’ll breathe clean air without an ugly home appliance in your living room. It’s a win-win!

home , clean air, plant near sofa

In Maori, KORU stands for ‘new life’, ‘growth’, ‘peace’, ‘serenity’…

 This resembles what our system does for plants: it gives them to thrive in a perfect environment!

koru team

Purify Your Air & Grow Healthy Plants

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