La Mansio
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La Mansio | The 6-in-1 Modular Bag for Active Women

Created based on 1000+ feature requests | La Mansio turns from handbag to backpack to shoulder bag in secs. Natural leather or vegan.

Easily find your stuff. Their research found that one of the most annoying things is wasting time looking for things inside That’s why they solved this problem by creating sufficient pockets for you to organize your things and easily reach to find them, both in the interior and exterior of La Mansio.

La Mansio

The versatile women’s bag goes from a handbag to a comfortable backpack and supports your active lifestyle.

Features both single and double zipper opening so your stuff simply finds its place.

La Mansio

Comfort matters and so do free hands. They know just how important is to be able to switch from one style to another because sometimes you need to carry an elegant handbag, while others just want to throw the backpack over your shoulder and ride a bike, or drink a cup of coffee.

Carry it in 3 styles and stay comfortable wherever you go.

La Mansio

Be ready for any occasion. A bag that can look good anywhere and have you ready for anything is what their research showed that women are missing. The minimalist, understated, but sophisticated lines of La Mansio mean you can go from casual to sporty and then to elegant, without having to ever switch bags.

The exterior access, waterproof pocket make it simple for you to store sneakers or wet clothes.

La Mansio

The La Mansio bag is the best light, versatile bag for all of us, but we are all different. That’s why for the bag to be truly great for each of our lifestyles and passions, you have the possibility to include the Add-Ons for you.

La Mansio

Work, travel, or shoot. Be you! Whether you are the kind that loves to travel, the one always on your laptop case, photography passionate, or all three, La Mansio Add-Ons empower you to do you.

The laptop case add-on attaches magnetically to the Lamsnio bag and it allows you to carry your laptop, documents, and accessories in the two extra pockets.

The straps from the main La Mansio bag can be used to turn the laptop case into a light, over-the-shoulder bag.

Camera cube add-on – their surveys show that in the past everybody’s been stuck with photography bags or old school camera bags.

This add-on changes it and makes your La Mansio photography bag look chic but normal.

Compression cube add-on makes La Mansio practical for those overnight stays. When you get to your destination, stay organized by leaving the cube in the room, while La Mansio is free for you to take out into the city.

La Maniso comes in four different models, made with premium full-grain and Saffiano leather, as well as a Vegan alternative.

They only use hides that are a by-product of the meat and dairy industry. Avoiding to let them go to waste and transforming them into products that last a lifetime is the most eco-friendly use for those hides.

They are here to support your choices, so it is up to you if you wish to opt for a natural leather or Vegan model of the La Mansio.

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