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LAMBOCHARGE ✅ Smallest NUOVO SI 20W Fast Charger

Nuovo Si Technology| Minimal | USB-A | USB-C | 20W | Fast Charging | Universal Compatibility |

A remarkable charging adapter that integrated the current Nuovo Si modern technology to feature its extraordinary dainty dimension with one USB-C and one USB-A port as well as quick charging and universal compatibility.

Presenting an amazing Nuovo Si technology fast charging adapter that is tiny, compact, as well as extensively compatible. The pioneering mobile adapter from Lambocharge is the ultimate charging adapter that allows you to charge all your work and entertainment gadgets.

Lambocharge utilizes the industry-leading Nuovo Si Power IC pin to decrease components normally found in standard chargers. The new PC+ABS and IC Pin allow for power devices that can operate at greater voltages and changing frequency which leads to smaller sized and much more effective chargers.

LAMBOCHARGE | Smallest NUOVO SI 20W Fast Charger

Lambocharge attracts attention from your 5W USB Power Adapter that might take you hrs to charge, yet Lambocharge featuring fast charging that can charge your iPhone 12 from 0-50 in 15 mins.

Lambocharge includes a USB-C as well as a USB-A port regardless of how small it is, it can also charge 2 devices at the same time preserving 20W optimum power result.

Lambocharge works with many electronic products, gadgets, and Bluetooth devices like DJI Osmo, GoPro, cell phones, tablet computers, Nintendo Switch, and you can charge up to 2 devices at the same time.

Lambocharge will certainly supply a rapid charge to a range of Apple gadgets and more, you can charge your most recent tools anywhere anytime you want!

Lambocharge is really a gamechanger, the tiniest 20W fast charging you can find with 2 USB ports. Lambocharge, it’s just a matter of connecting your digital device into an outlet. You can plug in your Lambocharge anywhere you want without bringing one more huge adapter.

LAMBOCHARGE | Smallest NUOVO SI 20W Fast Charger

Lambocharge is made from a PCB motherboard. As a result, it can make the most of efficiency and durability. Nuovo Si innovation technology guarantees peak effectiveness in the multi-layered design so it can minimalize the size of Lambocharge without any wasted space.

The IC pin is designed to guarantee the insulation distance of the low and high voltage pins. The high and low voltage pins are designed to divide the center 2 pins to increase security.

Lambocharge is available in a conventional US Plug, however there will be an adapter choice, which you can pick from the questionnaire after the campaign ends.

LAMBOCHARGE | Smallest NUOVO SI 20W Fast Charger

Lambocharge 4-IN-1 Super Cord isn’t your average charging cord, incorporating the progressive style with the nylon braided material, making it much more resilient than the ordinary cable you will discover. Offering 60W fast charging that allows you to charge your gadgets in no time with 4 different cable types for you to select from.

With this new Lambocharge 4-IN-1 Super Cord cable, it will transform your charging experience. Aside from the cutting-edge Nuovo Si innovation, they additionally wanted to bring individuals with the benefit of integrating Type C to Type An and Type C to Lightning right into one great cord cable, you will never ever need to bring numerous dongles when you are out and about any longer!

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