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LastRound | The reusable cotton round

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LastRound is your everyday cotton round reimagined. Same look and feel, better for the planet

The case holds 7 reusable cotton rounds that feel and look just like your normal cotton rounds. One pack is good for 1000 uses! 

long-lasting and it’s easyThis is how a cotton round was meant to be all along: soft on the skin, environmental-friendly🌱, money-saving, long-lasting and it’s easy to bring with you on-the-go🚶‍♀️.

We love colors 🎨 and we know you do too, so we decided to give you 6 beautiful colors to enjoy: black, blue, green, red, turquoise, and peach.

Pick and choose just the right color for yourself or your friends and family. This can be done when we will send out the survey at the end of the Kickstarter to ask what color, until then please spread some love and stay happy 😊.

1. Take the round out from the top. 2. Apply water💧 or another liquid to get it soft. 3. Use it. 4. Wash it by hand with soap and water. 5. Squeeze out the water. 6. Store it in the bottom, it will dry up before next use.

Once in a while you can machine-wash them in a mesh laundry bag at up to 140°F (60°C), let them dry outside the case before putting them back inside of the case, and do not tumble.

The case should be washed by hand with soap and water.

Regular cotton rounds are made of non-organic cotton that uses vast amounts of chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers⛔. Chemicals are used to bleach them and turn them into smooth compact cotton rounds.

According to WWF (World Wildlife Fund), cotton production is the largest user of water💧 among all agricultural commodities. It takes 2640 gallons (10.000 liters)💧 of clean drinking water to produce 1000 (1.1 lbs or 0,5 kg) regular cotton rounds.

Our rounds are made from 100% renewable raw materials, they are long-lasting, and home compostable with household waste✅. The rounds measure 2.36inches (6cm) and are made from 70% Scandinavian wood fibers (FSC), and 30% cotton fibers that are too short for the textile industry to use👚. The case holding them is made from BPA free plant-based plastic🌽, and therefore it actually binds CO2 from the atmosphere during its production, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emission.

But that’s not all: our rounds are made in one of the most environmentally friendly factories in Europe, all water used in the fabrication is recycled ♻️ and reused in a closed system, and because one LastRound package is good for 1000 uses you’ll save 2640 gallons (10.000 liters)👏, pretty awesome right?

Unlike other reusable cotton pads on the market that are made from cloth, LastRound feels and looks like single-use rounds used for makeup removal and applying serums.

You deserve the best❤️, you and your skin deserve the best, as does the planet. So let’s switch to reusable alternatives so that we and our future generations can enjoy our planet for many years to come🌍.

Let’s be honest, single-use just doesn’t make sense. Why grow🌳, produce🏭, package📦(in plastic) and ship🚢 anything just to use it once? Regular cotton rounds come in bags of plastic, are used ones and then throw in the trash🗑️.

You might ask yourself, can these guys pull it off? And the answer is ”Yes we can”, this is our 3rd Kickstarter campaign, we did LastSwab (1) in 2019 and LastTissue (2) in early 2020 with a combined number of 44,405 fulfilled happy backers (THANK YOU🙏).

Our mission: eliminate single-use items by creating reusable sustainable alternatives.
Our purpose: is to provide the world with sustainable choices.
Our values: 🙌 Our products must have at least 10x real environmental impact vs the traditional single-use products they replace.
 We build premium products with high usability and excellent design – ”good enough” is not good enough – we are obsessed with our products👌

Give yourself a gift and save money💰 at the same time, this may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. And especially not for our awesome Kickstarter backers. 

A regular pack of cotton rounds containing 100 rounds costs €2.5. That means that 1000 cotton rounds = €25, whereas one LastRound is good for 1000 uses and costs €8 or less here on Kickstarter. So, that’s an easy €17 in your wallet for every LastRound you buy, and as a bonus, you’re helping to save our planet too🌎 

Changing your habits for the good of the planet should be done in a fuss-free way. Buy LastRound once, cross single-use rounds off your shopping list forever, and do your bit for the environment. Easy.

Please click one of the links below and help us spread the word about LastRound and the benefits of using it. You Rock 👊

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