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LaView | 4G GPS Tracker

Hy everybody, Andrea here!

Meet LaView!

Universal GPS Bluetooth tracker that provides a smart monitoring solution for children, senior citizens, animals, and goods. WOW! Sounds great, right?

Well, listen to this: his battery lasts approximately 15 months per charge! Under the hood, there are 5 connectivity technologies!

white background LaView

LaView Fits All Your Demands

The LaView is a GPS tracker produced to fit your needs anyplace anywhere. Bringing in the several protocols with a Qualcomm chip, the LaView permits individuals to navigate those who matter the most.

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Find your lost products through GPS, Bluetooth, Beidou, as well as WiFi positioning, and LBS. Ultra-lightweight and water-proof, its 600mAh battery once charged offers 15 months lifespan. With the LaView, you can easily keep a track of your family pets, children, or vehicles anytime.

tracking the dog wit LaView

With an advanced positioning system, the LaView makes it possible for real-time positioning with high precision, delivering an unparalleled all-weather barrier-free tracking service. Various other attributes consist of historical playback, geofence, as well as SOS alarm, it enables you to by doing less achieve more!

Bluetooth 5.2 power station

Thanks to the optimized power consumption of Bluetooth 5.2, the LaView can last up to 15 months on a single charge.  LaView allows you to switch over between Bluetooth sign and cellular data when your 4G network isn’t available; the device will instantly shut off CAT1 under the Bluetooth mode, realizing an ultra-low power usage of 1.3 mAh daily.

magnetic charger , 15 months charge

Besides the power usage of Bluetooth 5.2, the terminal also functions as a magnetic battery charger. This indicates that you will no more have to mess up around to charge your tracker. A small magnetic adapter is provided to secure your tracker from scratch. Its magnetic battery charger is made out of military-grade material featuring abrasion and also tear-resistance, specifically crafted for heavy daily use.

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With a longer Bluetooth range, the LaView Universal GPS Tracker has a variety of 1200 feet, it leverages both in-house positioning technology and unlimited 4G outside track. This provides quick and exact position updates at any place you are.

Strengthen the bond with LaView

Be in peace by always knowing the specific area of your pet – directly on your smart device. The LaView comes with waterproof and also natural leather housing. It works with any flat collar and also harnesses.

virtual fence alarm for pets

To activate the real-time monitoring, just touch the wake-up function on the APP. LaView includes a virtual fence that enables you to establish a border for your pets to guarantee their safety. You will get notifications instantly if they try the sneaky escape!

laView on a collar

Small, but handy helpers: LED Flash Light, Buzzer &SOS

The feature of waking up the LED flashing light in the application enables you easily to locate it in the darkness. When the tracker gets lost among other things, the buzzer allows you to quickly find it!

led light, sos button, buzzer

Adventure outside can be fun, however, can additionally become dangerous without planning. A GPS tracker is a safety device that plays a big role in the wild. With LaView, you can share your real-time area with friends and also use the one-click SOS button when dealing with emergencies.

nature background

LaView GPS can be used to track your personal belongings such as bags and bags, it permits you to pinpoint where your stolen key or missing money is. With LaView’s mini design, it can fit the palm of your hand, let you experience easy portability.

Laview on bag

Lost? Track and find!

GPS has considerably changed our environment and lives for the better. A great tracker will ensure your family arrives and return to a wanted location. Likewise, track your car immediately if it’s stolen!

gps tracker function

The LaView GPS Auto Tracker informs you where it is as well as where it has been. Also updates REAL-TIME TRACKING with an auto-refresh function. Our world is a much safer and simpler place to travel with it. Ultra-lightweight style with the complimentary perfect-match silicone devices quickly attaches to anything you want! It fits every collar, helmet, bike, e-skateboard, and drone on the market.

skateboard and green LaView

With an IP67 ranking, LaView is dust-tight and also will certainly serve as much as one meter of water. It is perfect for all sorts of environments.

tracking via app

If you have kids or elders that become disoriented, at times you may intend to think about using LaView to track their whereabouts. As well as find them in an emergency. Using the LaView as a GPS tool to track your loved ones by no means limit their liberty! However, permit them to live an independent life while staying connected.

Tracking background whenever you want

Laview GPS Tracker also enables you to browse back in time and view previous days’ tracking backgrounds. You can get in a custom time range to whichever time range you wish to view the history of, as well as also look hour-by-hour this way.

backpacker in nature ,LaView on backpack

Tracking your health anytime

Laview can additionally be a one-of-a-kind fitness tracker. Monitor your biometric information, physical as well as mental activity. Get to understand what you need to do to enhance your self-care routine and achieve peak performance! All that while staying safe. Laview checks all-important health and lifestyle information points. Just check with the APP, disclosing your physical as well as psychological state. Armed with these insights, you can make improvements to your health and wellness.


5 colors LaView

With 5 network protocol 4G-LTE/GPS/WIFI/ LBS/Bluetooth 5.2. LaView GPS tracker will automatically look for the strongest network, which suggests you can remain connected wherever you are indoor or outdoor. Anywhere all over the world Last, not least, they come in 5 color options!

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