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LEAF D05 | Dual Front Wheel Electric Bike

A high-tech self-balancing electric bike with dual front wheels to tackle all kinds of terrain

DUAL FRONT WHEEL SCOOTER Redefining driving safety, the LEAF D05 is one of the first electric scooters with Dual-front-wheels technology, providing greater stability and more control over the terrain you’re riding across.

No matter what you drive, Safety should always be a top concern. Auto Adaptive LED Light is the latest technology in lighting systems that provide a substantial light output increase, enhancing security & visibility. Luminit LED taillight with Instaneous shine and 270 degrees making your brake light more noticeable. That could be the difference between an accident and a safe ride.


DDWT-S TECHNOLOGY Underneath side-deflection dual-front-wheel system delivers the ultimate safety and ride experience.

ROLLBACK SYSTEM PROTECTION: As soon as you pull the roll-lock switch, the front wheels will lock and the motorcycle will remain upright, so you don’t need to deploy the side stand.

Triangle braking force structure. The D05 is equipped with a triple hydraulic-disc braking system to ensure a short-range branking distance that is 1.5 times of two a wheel scooter.



  • TOP SPEED: Two options 1) 20mph and 2) 27mph
  • RANGE: 45 miles
  • MAX LOAD: 330 lbs
  • WARRANTY: Bike – 24 months, Battery – 12months

Advanced design, short recharge time and powered by Bosch to deliver the ultimate riding experience.

LEAF D05 has a customized motor from BOSCH with FOC & CAN-BUS technology!

Additionally, the lights are auto-adapting and with an integrated taillight.

Featuring light-weight design, stunning appearance, and multiple breakthroughs of steering angles. In other words, it delivers the ultimate safety and ride experience.

Push Button Start – This feature simplifies turning the car on and off – consequently as simple as pressing and holding a button.

Imported directly from LG and Panasonic. Only 10.4KG lightweight Lithium-Ion battery. Extra-long life that delivers longer run time, superior performance, and enhanced safety features while maintaining optimal energy efficiency. Backed by a 12-month warranty.

EABS Technology converts brakes energy and uses it to re-charge the battery while driving.


Distinctive design, a fashion-forward ergonomic design, and high-quality performance to craft and journey into a personal statement.

Moreover, exceptional handling of the D05 steering utilizes rotational magnetic to provide the highest level of ultra-precision control leading and exceptional handling.

USB with integrated phone holder. The D05 has a phone holder integrated into the handle allowing you to take calls without having to take your hands off the device.


With an LCD screen, all functions are easily accessible and include speed, Bluetooth, date, time, indicator and so much more. The display is equipped with a strong backlight, to be visible under strong daylight.

MOBILE APP, intelligent tracking, vehicle status, early warning – Bluetooth connectivity and so much more from the palm of your fingers.

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