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LeGrow Indoor Planter | Create Your Own Desktop Garden With Ease

LeGrow is a modular indoor planter to create a customized desktop garden – Just stack and expand.

Industrial designers and gardening product developers LeGrow, just announced the launch of an exciting new modular desktop gardening system for growing indoor plants with ease. If you need something to light up your life, there is nothing better than a desktop planter to beautify your room and refresh you.

LeGrow Indoor Planter

The LeGrow 2021 indoor garden system can be customized with different plants. It includes modules for watering, lighting, humidifier, and more. It lets anyone easily create a thriving indoor garden at home, work, or anywhere. LeGrow indoor planter 2021 is available now for pre-order.

LeGrow Indoor Planter

LeGrow is a planter system with a modern twist that makes growing plants easier than ever.

LeGrow Indoor Planter

The modular system is stackable and expandable, connecting together like Lego. Most importantly it can fit any space and grow as needed. It takes the hassle out of maintenance with a shared watering system that waters plants equally within the system. It also has a programmable LED lighting system that provides the proper lighting. Plants can thrive in any indoor environment.  It’s the easiest way to achieve a healthy indoor garden no matter where you live. 

Since some plants need higher humidity to thrive. The humidifier can help you build an environment that is conducive to proper humidity so you can grow your plants better.

If you have ever visited a tropical garden or climates where plants thrive, you probably noticed the high level of humidity in the atmosphere. While watering plants is important, it is also essential to maintain consistent humidity. LeGrow 2021 adds a 360° diffusing mist humidifier as a solution.

LeGrow Indoor Planter

“Growing up in the countryside left me with a deep connection to nature and an appreciation for the relaxing effects that plants offer. But like many people, my education and career took me to the city. When my daughter was born I decided that if it was impossible for us to leave the city, I must bring the beauty of nature to my daughter. So, began a 3-year journey to create the best indoor garden I could design. By adopting the latest technology, along with a modular design, LeGrow was born. It takes the guesswork out of watering and lighting and gives anyone the ability to create a healthy and thriving garden in any indoor space. Now, people can enjoy the beauty and restorative nature of plants with ease” Haobin Lin, Founder – LeGrow

The LeGrow modular system makes it easy to expand as the garden grows and add special pots with useful features for gardening and life.

The humidifier component adds life-giving moisture to the air around the garden, something that is necessary for tropical plants. The Bluetooth speaker component helps the garden create a relaxing mood in any room with favorite playlists or white noise.

LeGrow Indoor Planter

The system also has a Power Pot feature that can charge phones and mobile devices. Perfect for a desktop garden near a workstation.

Plants are a proven way to beautify any room and create a calmer and more relaxing environment. With LeGrow 2021, anyone can grow virtually any plant in a thriving system that takes the hassle out of keeping a garden healthy. It’s one of the most exciting gardening products available and ready to grow in any home!

LeGrow 2021 Modular Indoor Garden System is available now with special pricing for early adopters. So, make sure to check out their campaign on Kickstarter and get the best prices!

LeGrow Indoor Planter

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