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Light Repel | Most Portable Mosquito Repeller Ever

The summer season is here and you were eagerly awaiting it! Nevertheless, when you go camping one thing is killing you. The insect bites. Yep, that small insects can ruin your mood and wreck your mind. Typical insect repellents are either bulky or don’t do their job at all. So, it leaves you frustrated, and with bite rashes.

Light Repel

Do you ever ask yourself: can we have a mosquito-free place? Where you can simply enjoy without feeling like a mosquito target? I have the answer to your prayers…It’s called Light Repel.

As a group of outside enthusiasts, they’ve been searching for the perfect remedy. Finally, they have the solution.

Light Repel

The Light Repel portable mosquito repellent takes on the thermal mosquito repellent method. In this case, it’s the heat that activates the repellent. That way keeps them away. A heated pad releases repellent with the scent of all-natural plants. Luckily, mosquitoes hate them. This assures it to be the most efficient mosquito repellent!

Light Repel

With dual mosquito repellent pads on both sides of the Light Repel, this design is pretty cool.

Enables you to pick either double-sided or single-sided mosquito repellent. Compared to other single-sided mosquito repellents, the repellent range of Light Repel is much more powerful.

What heats the mosquito repellent pad is its unique developed heating plate. While heating it releases the fragrance quickly. That way creating an undetectable shield to obstruct and push back mosquitoes. Speed up the production of an insect defense zone! Secure yourself from frustrating insects and also various other bugs in just 30s!

Tiny as well as portable.

Light Repel

  This is essential in exterior traveling. I think every traveler would agree with me? Consequently, the idea and design of Light Repel were generated to please the needs of consumers. Reduce to just a size of an egg! Funny to mention, even smaller sized – is more powerful! It drives away insects in no time. And it’s so convenient to bring Light Repel with you, wherever you go.

Light Repel

Outdoor gadgets and tools need to be smaller,  more mobile, and simple to carry. The Light Repel mosquito repellent is made for outdoor living. Created with a hook, you can hang the Light Repel anywhere you want. Maybe on a front chest/backpack/tent, etc. ut wait! The Light Repel repellent additionally features an upright hook. This ensures that it can stand alone on the table. Everything is for your convenience.

Light Repel

Staying in a tent at all times when you’re outdoors?

Well, you shouldn’t probably go out at all then. Suppose the insect’s repellent range is not wide enough when climbing up the hill? They have the solution for that also! Light Repel is created with 2 modes

  • outdoor mode
  • camp mode
Light Repel
Light Repel

 Press and hold

While pressing the power mode for 2 seconds you will go into the camp mode. This will bring you 10ft repellent range. The green light sign will be on. Then push the power switch once again. Now you will enter the outdoor mode. This activates the powerful mosquito repellent for 30ft repellent range. The green light mentioned, will redden. A final press of the power button once again will switch off the Light Repel.

Light Repel

You can charge the Light Repel with any device via the USB port. e.g. cellphone, power bank, etc. TYPE-C port can provide much faster charging for sure.

The Light Repel is made to be IPX4 waterproof.

Light Repel

The weather can really be unpredictable, but hefty rain won’t stop it from doing its work.  Whether it gets wet in the rain, sprinkled, even if it falls down to the pool… Repel is not going to end up with a short circuit.

Light Repel

The covering of the Light Repel mosquito repellent is made of a fairly strong and also sturdy material. It won’t be harmed and also will work great every time. Even the drop from above 1 m height won’t stop it. Mosquitos, this means war!

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