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LiONCooler Pro | Battery & Solar Powered Freezer

LionCooler Pro
LionCooler Pro
drag LiON Cooler Pro on the beach

Frozen or refrigerated?

Some things have to remain frozen, while others have to be only refrigerated.

LiONCooler Pro includes both functions. Powered by its premium DC Compressors, simply readjust the preferred function. Choosing from -20 ℃ to a milder adjustable chilling feature. Adjust by yourself on display.

Lithium-ion battery for LiONCooler Pro

Pro Lithium-ion battery

LiONCooler Pro Lithium-ion battery is removable! You can take it out and utilize it as a standalone power bank. Quick charge your phone, laptop, outdoor lights…

LiONCooler Pro is designed to be as hassle-free

cherrs with LiON Cooler Pro

It is so convenient – as a trolley bag. The telescopic handle is there to pull and you’re good to go. Take your LiONCooler Pro anywhere, without raising or holding it. Its robust all-terrain 6 inches extra-large wheels that will literally allow you to take it off-road.

easy mobility

The removable multi-purpose cover

Providing you extra access to your cooler. As well, You can use it as a food preparation table. And, you can easily remove it to clean the inside.

Solar Panel charging

transport and solar charge

One great innovation of LiONCooler Pro is the capability to charge via solar power. Just attach the cooler directly to a solar panel! As a result, have an eco-friendly and environmentally-friendly charging! Besides, maintain drinks and also food chilly totally off-grid.

connecting devices

LCD Display

Do you wish for more convenience? Also, do you need temperature level adjustments outdoors? Third – you simply intend to adjust the chilling temperature of the device? You can readjust the cooler’s temperature level on the digital LCD display or remotely. Its free Bluetooth App is available for iPhone or Android.

app and lcd display

The LiONCooler has actually been tested by countless customers. It has even been used in the most sensitive clinical atmospheres. In transporting medicine and organs! Therefore, steady, as well as reliable, temperature levels here are crucial.

LiON Cooler Pro on the beach
  • PX30 (30L)
  • PX40 (40L)
  • PX50 (50L)

90w Suitable and Compatible Solar Panel


LiONCooler products are all created by their crown company ACOPOWER. ACOPOWER commits to make off-grid living easy. They are very successful with their solar and also mobile power products. Designed for cars, campers, small houses, cabins, etc. Also, create their products straight from Los Angeles.

solar charge

Blazing a trail in establishing sophisticated yet user friendly:

battery solar freezers, portable solar panels, solar generators, and also off-grid solar systems.

LionCooler Pro

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