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Nowadays, robots are commonly used in big manufacturing facilities. They are expensive, large, and in most cases heavy! They primarily service hard industrial jobs. However, few of them are designed for light as well as economical tasks.

lite 6 in action

This becomes a real challenge in maintaining fast ROI in these jobs by using robotics. A long-lasting and cost-effective robot arm with industrial-grade accessories is the answer. His name is LITE 6!

Pick & Place Your Lite 6

Made with 6 axes, Lite 6 is excellent for straightforward, repetitive, and also tedious jobs. It offers the rate and precision makers need. At the same time ensures high quality and also precision. Its versatility permits suppliers to optimize workflow, increase efficiency, take less space, and most important – reduce production expenses.

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Lite 6 Lab Automation

lab research

Lite 6 helps researchers automate manual jobs and free up time for more significant or demanding tasks. By utilizing it in lab automation, there is no place for human error, every time you have the same result. And also most importantly, it can be customized easily to fulfill a lab’s needs.

Lite 6 Robotic Research

lite 6 design

The benefit of open resource SDKs, provide robotics with much easier research. Furthermore, to make the robot incorporation fairly instinctive and also smooth, we are dealing with ROS/ROS2 seriously.

Testing Touchscreen

It is incredibly flexible, it can delicately check any type of touchscreen without leaving any kind of traces or damage. Also helps our clients to give consumers simply the perfect products.

lite 6 touch screen

Coffee Maker

Lite 6 is lightweight and small, which is ideal for space-saving applications. Perfect for a robot bar, coffee machine! With a 500mm/s max rate as well as a 1kg haul, it stabilizes the efficiency and expense, specifically for commercial applications.

lite 6 as a coffe maker

Machine Tending

Compared to manual load and unload, Lite 6 is a time saver. In addition, it’s even more accurate and repeatable, which enhances the quality of components produced. It also lowers the number of human mistakes in the machining process, makes the best use of throughput, and also decreases waste materials and time.


Ultra Cost-Effective Design

The harmonic drive is a must to ensure the repeatability of the robotic system but becomes a very expensive toy! So Lite 6 has hybrid actuators design to balance the expense as well as performance. In our design, harmonic drives are for the high torque joints and direct drive electric motors are for the rest.

lite 6 design

Moreover, crafted with carbon fiber, Lite 6 is 50% much lighter than various other robotic machines. That way significantly helps to increase the payload up to 1kg.

Durability is without compromise

Lite 6 is made for 24/7 continuously functioning. Incorporated with an industrial-grade harmonic drive, actuators can perform the commands day and night without the need to stop.

small detail lite 6

With the integrated 16-bit encoder as well as FOC control algorithm, the specially designed brushless electric motor creates smooth motion. In addition to that, it brings high torque capability and excellent repeatability.

Easy Programming

No requirement to spend extra money on training and software! Lite 6 provides users free software – UFACTORY Studio. Even non-specialists can run it in 2 hours. Customers can simply drag and also go down to the program as well as control it by a user interface, which saves training price and procedure time.


Users can easily teach the robot motions and also positions. It’s simple and quick, so it significantly simplifies robot programming. They can program Lite 6 with Python, ROS, and C++. On top of that, UFACTORY uses a free Simulator. Customers can try Lite 6 free of charge before making a purchase.

Compatible Accessories

All-in-one Design Pneumatic Parallel Gripper

parallel gripper

The advantage of the built-in pump design is that the pneumatically-driven gripper works completely without external air tubes outside. Equipped with a linear bearing, it offers a secure and smooth grip always.

All-in-one Design Vacuum Gripper

vacuum gripper

Built-in pump design makes the internal wiring possible. And brushless pump motor makes it possible for the long-term lifetime. Meaning: 24/7 consistently functioning. Additionally, the air pressure sensor gives a real-time review of pressure that makes drop-off detection possible.

Great Compatibility and also Extensibility

Thanks to a variety of I/O Lite 6 has exceptional compatibility and extensibility. It can be incorporated into different applications. Also, setup it very fast!

lite 6 easy setup

Lite 6 is user-friendly and also pre-calibrated, which allows individuals to use it for any type of process and also in a different setting without pro-training.


Lite 6 is a servant instead of a master, thus it can be incorporated easily through any computer or PLC.

Compared to various other robot arms in the marketplace, it is not just cost-effective. Additionally, it is outstanding in its efficiency.

lite 6 options

Lite 6 SDK includes Python SDK, ROS/ROS2 SDK, and C++ SDK. A fully upgradable software platform that can grow in capabilities to make it a lasting and worthy long-term investment.

It 6 Studio supports multiple platforms that enable you to control it not only with PC but also with your iPad or Android devices.


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