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LITELOK CORE | Tough locks for bikes and e-bikes

Innovative lock combining unparalleled core strength, flexibility and ease to keep your ride safe.

Meet LITELOK CORE! Pedal-powered or battery-powered, keep your ride safe with this innovative lock which combines unparalleled strength, weight, and flexibility.


As much as you love your ride, at some point you’ve got to lock it and leave it. Industry experts recommend using independently accredited, high-quality locks for insurance cover. But most conventional, high-security locks are heavy, cumbersome, and weigh you down.

The rise of e-bikes has been phenomenal with the benefits of battery assistance: freedom to cycle further, a welcome boost to get you up the hills, or an effortless commute to and from work – we love them but so do bike thieves.


Compared with a traditional bike, an e-bike is generally bigger and heavier due to its weighty battery and larger frame size. You’re therefore going to want a longer and flexible lock to secure round your frame, wheel and a fixed object more easily than perhaps you think. And whilst your e-bike weighs more, minimizing additional weight by carrying a lighter lock will mean a longer battery life to ride further and home again.

Many cyclists carry their locks inside their frame but with an e-bike, this may not always be possible due to the battery and frame design. A wearable option is a useful solution if you don’t want to mount or carry your lock in a bag.


LITELOK CORE is designed and built to protect bikes and e-bikes in any environment.

Light, flexible, wearable (if you want to) and Certified by Sold Secure to the highest rating of Bicycle Diamond, a new security level, created with higher value bikes and e-bikes in mind.

Designed with multiple layers of protection from the inner core out, LITELOK CORE is flexible and tough enough to keep your ride safe. It is comprised of two key components: Boaflexicore Plus and a hardened steel inline lock body.

Boaflexicore Plus – graphical representation


Boaflexicore Plus is a 24mm (15/16”) layered, flexible security strap. From the outside in; the braided sleeve provides abrasion resistance. Next, a bonded plant-based polymer provides the first line of defense whilst offering corrosion resistance and weatherproofing. In the third layer, 19mm (¾”) interlocking hardened steel links of the exoskeleton absorb destructive energy during attack whilst encasing the high tensile steel core. All layer’s flex in sync to retain maximum flexibility without compromising on security

The steel inline lock body is made from aerospace-grade hardened steel. Inside, an intelligent stainless-steel structure resists impact from the attack including -40 deg C freeze spray and hammer/chisel blows. At the heart of the product is a pick-resistant disc detainer lock, which they were testing to 5,000 open and close locking cycles.


The Boaflexicore Plus is joining the lock body with four marine-grade stainless steel rivets to withstand drilling and torsion attacks.

LITELOK CORE is one of the lightest and highest-grade security locks on the market.

LITELOK CORE is easy to secure around a wide range of fixed objects such as tree trunks, posts, fencing, and bike stands giving you the flexibility to park your ride wherever you like. It also cinches (coils) into a small size to conveniently stow away.

Available in three colors; Blaze Orange and Boa Green for visibility and safety, plus Crow Black for understated style and security.


LITELOK CORE BIKE WEARABLE can be effortlessly worn whilst riding and is available in 3 sizes.  Wrap your LITELOK around your hips and secure it with the integrated lock stopper. It allows you to safely fasten around your body without it locking.

Mountable using quick release, friction-free, rattle-free frame mounts.

LITELOK CORE is mountable, making it easy to carry whilst riding without the noisy rattle.

Universally designed to fit any style of bike or e-bike. In other words, the rubberized fastenings won’t damage your frame and attaches without the need for additional tools. All of their mounts pass their cobbled street and pavement tests.


Their integrated design and click-to-lock system make it easy and fast to secure your bike, without having to fiddle around. Simply click to close without the need for a key.  A key is only necessary to unlock your bike. Each LITELOK CORE is supplied with 3 keys plus, a unique key code to enable you to order more keys at a later date.

An innovative in-line lock enables two LITELOK CORE locks to be paired together in parallel for additional length or on separate wheels for extra security. Twin lock packs fit identical keys so that they operate from the same unique key. 

They’ve built, tested, and broken 1,054 prototypes and counting in the pursuit of their final lock design.


LITELOK CORE has already passed stringent, independent security tests – simulating attacks from the most common theft tools.

LITELOK CORE has been independently tested to withstand sustained attacks from the most common theft tools. Achieving Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond (the highest level of bike security) as well as Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold.


Moreover, it has been submitted to ART in the Netherlands (the internationally recognized bike and motorcycle security certification body). It has already passed comprehensive preliminary ART3 tests. The full certification will follow in the next few weeks and they will update you once they receive it.

CORE FLEXI-O fits perfectly in your frame. Whilst CORE WEARABLE has three larger sizes providing either longer locking circumference or the ability to wear it around your waist whilst riding.

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