Lomi: Turn Waste To Compost With A Single Button
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Lomi | Turn Waste To Compost With A Single Button

Stop the food waste, it’s time for a change.

Meet Lomi, the kitchen appliance that will be in every home in the very near future.

Revolutionize the way you deal with waste while giving back to the earth.

This totally revolutionary technology lets you turn your household food waste into the dirt… overnight! No more gross, smelly good scraps in your garbage or green bins. Just use Lomi and you can toss the dirt into your garden, planter pots, green bin, or even your waste bin if you don’t want it.

Lomi: Turn Waste To Compost With A Single Button

Not only that, but the Pela Labs team also has a ton of “Lomi Approved” compostable plastic products (like their phone cases) that will totally degrade in Lomi as well.

Lomi makes it simple to turn your food scraps, organic waste, certified compostable packaging, and certified home bioplastic into compost at the push of a button.

With Lomi, you can reduce up to 50% of the waste you send to landfills, reducing your waste and carbon footprint.

Lomi: Turn Waste To Compost With A Single Button

Lomi uses heat, abrasion, and oxygen to speed up the breakdown of organic waste into smaller fragments – similar to how earthworms break down and mix plant tissue into the soil, except Lomi does this without the smell and mess! The fragmented waste provides more surface area for microbes to accelerate the composting process. The end result is a natural source of soil nutrients that increase the organic content of the soil, helping boost plant growth and soil enrichment.

Lomi: Turn Waste To Compost With A Single Button

Lomi contains temperature and humidity sensors that optimize the microbial environment that is essential for great compost. Lomi begins by compacting the contents. The sensors intelligently break down the food scraps without losing any vital microorganisms and lead to mass and volume reduction all while continuous airflow and our heavy-duty grinder turn the compost.

Lomi uses filters with activated charcoal to trap and eliminate any odors produced in the composting process.

Lomi: Turn Waste To Compost With A Single Button

Better yet, you can easily replace the charcoal in the filter yourself, without needing to buy a completely new component or throw away the plastic housing.

Pela has been around for over 8 years and has helped over a million customers make the switch to more eco-friendly products. Pela is famous for being the creators of the world’s first compostable phone case, the world’s first compostable AirPods case, and fully biodegradable sunglasses (even the lenses).

lomi composting

Ever since Pela started, the company’s vision has been to create a waste-free future, and its mission has been to prevent 1 billion pounds of plastic from ever entering the waste stream. Pela knew that creating the world’s first compostable phone case was just the beginning. Lomi’s potential to reduce every households’ waste by up to 50% is the scale of the positive impact that Pela is working towards.

Lomi: Turn Waste To Compost With A Single Button

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