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LONGSHIP HOME-FIT | Everyone’s Home Fitness Solution

Easy & Fun Fitness, feeling like walking on Mars (38% of Earth Gravity), but Remarkably Effective

With Longship Home-Fit, you can work out steadily or even daily because you will come to like its easy & fun way of working out once you have experienced it.

Longship Home-Fit is full-body workout equipment. Everyone can build their upper body and strong legs through push-ups, parallel bar dips, pull-ups, squat, leg press, cross & Jump steps, etc.

4 weeks of the Longship Home-Fit workout program will bring about meaningful changes in your body.


The above Longship Homefit Daily Workout Program will be sent to each backer in GIF files or Videos by email and also will be available on Youtube later.

Longship Homefit provides a variety of workout functions, such as over 9 kinds of Push-Ups, 3 kinds of Parallel Bar Dips, 18 Kinds of Pull-Ups, So, there are no boring workouts in the dictionary of full-body workout equipment.

Additionally, the ups & downs rhythm created by retractable springs gives us fun and increases exercise efficiency.


Working out on Longship Home-Fit is easy & fun for everybody! If you want to feel happy while working out instead of being stressed with your weak strength, the best choice is Longship Home-Fit.  Global 5 Yrs Warranty / Made in Korea

Conventional Parallel Bar Dips require Considerable Muscle Power

But, working out on Longship Home-Fit is really fun & easy, so you want to do more work out once you have experienced it.

It is one of the best full-body muscle power-enhancing equipment for everyone.


Longship Home Fit Information

  • 3 in 1 Workout Solution for Everyone 
  • Chic & Compact Design (like a folding chair)
  • Excellent User Convenience (No initial assembly work)
  • Made in Korea (South Korea)
  • 100% Made in Korea Material (durable steel & stainless, nuts, bolts, etc.)
  • 5 Yrs of Warranty after purchasing date
  • High Manufacturing Technology (Cutting-edge laser cutting & boring tech. CNC bending, Precision Welding, etc.)

LONGSHIP HOME-FIT is an innovative & smart workout solution for everyone.

It is an easy & fun and very effective 3 in 1 Workout solution.

Core Workout Functions:

  1. over 9 kinds of push up workouts with 3 sets of movable handle grips
  2. 18 kinds of pull-up workouts with movable handle grips and separately adjustable pull-up bars.
  3. 3 kinds of parallel bar dips

Longship Home-Fit has a chic & compact design with a durable structure, so it goes well with any place. It is manufactured in South Korea through precision laser cutting & boring technology, CNC bending, and sophisticated welding.

Longship Home-Fit with High-Quality Posco Steel & Stainless guarantees 5 years Warranty.


Another best part of it is the world-best User-Friendly structure.

Longship Home-Fit has no initial assembly work, so you do not need to read the assembly guide carefully and do not need to worry about wrong assembly by one mistake.  Just take it out of the box and pull down the handle and attach 2 springs.

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