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Loop Mount Twist | New rotating phone mount

Loop Mount Twist

The mount that doesn’t compromise the look of your bike and lets you use your favourite apps in portrait mode.

We’re all guilty of using our phones en route to navigate, even though we know it’s dangerous.  Current phone holders on the market are ugly or need special cases just to work. So, whatever phone or bike you use, across any route and even over the most challenging terrain, your handset will be secure, allowing you to focus safely on the journey with this brand-new Loop Mount Twist.

Loop Mount Twist

At Loop, they’re cyclists first and foremost, which is why they are designing a product that actually looked like it belongs on a bike.  

They want to make Loop Mount Twist for everyone, whatever their journey or setup.  It works with any mainstream smartphone, bike, or bar.  There are a few exceptions, for things like aero bars and military-style phone cases.

Loop Mount Twist is for every type of journey from the road or Dutch bikes to bumpy journeys on a gravel bike. 

Loop Mount Twist

But they don’t recommend it for mountain biking, doing jumps, or BMX. Additionally, it fits all VanMoof models.

The feedback they’ve had most, is, “if only it worked in portrait mode”. So, they listened, tested, and created the twist feature. So, whether using Google maps, Strava, or any other navigation on your smartphone, the portrait or landscape choice is yours.

It’s not just your bike that’s important to them, your phone is too. So, Loop Mount Twist secures it in place with 3kg’s of strong gripping force. Meaning the phone is safe, but not crushed.

Loop Mount Twist

This is not a plastic mount.

They want to make a product that will last a lifetime. So, they constructed Loop Mount Twist out of metal, using CNC technology, making it strong, whilst considering the weight. Its versatility means that, if you change your bike, your Loop Mount Twist can move bikes with you.

They hate existing mounts on the market that require you to buy other products, just to make them work. However, some bikes do have very unique features, so they’ve tried to accommodate this by making accessories to help Loop Mount Twist fit on the most obscure bikes and parts. These are add-on accessories and can be added to your shopping cart at the end.  

Loop Mount Twist

Their Universal Adapter has a quick-release elastomer Strap to help fit stems, oversize bars, square formats, or other unusual setups.

Depending on demand they may tweak the design to use O-rings instead of the elastomer strap shown here.  

Their Brompton Adapter is designed to fit Brompton M-type bars, where space is limited. You can also use it on other types of Brompton bars, although you should also be able to mount on those bars in the usual way as well. 

Loop Mount Twist

They’ve improved and refined some of the detailing to ensure that along with the 3kg grip power, the phone sits securely with these new features. 

There are many different apps to help you navigate from A to B and equal amounts to help you train and track your fitness and speed progress. With the ability to switch from portrait to landscape they’ve made sure you can choose how to use your apps to best suit your needs. 

In 2020, the original Loop Mount was born, mainly out of frustration with other options on the market.

  • They’ve now shipped over 25,000 Mounts
  • Helping over 15,000 customers navigate safely
  • In over 73 countries.
Loop Mount Twist


Loop Mount Twist comes in Black and Silver.

  • 1 x Loop Mount Twist 
  • 2 x screws
  • 1 x Medium shim
  • 3 x Small shim
  • 1 x Large shim
  • 1 x Allen Key

The loop opens up to 85mm / 3 3/8″ – that is enough for a large smartphone in a case.

Loop is designed to work on all major handlebar sizes (22.2mm to 31.8mm – that’s 7/8″ to 1 1/4″). It can also be mounted on your stem if it’s tubular (or approximately circular)

When cycling exploded in popularity during the 2020 lockdown, they knew they wanted to use their industrial design experience to make beautiful, sleek, and practical products for this new wave of cyclists.

They’re immensely proud of Loop Mount’s success and really hope Loop Mount Twist will receive the same incredible support.

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