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LOOPS | Silicone Phone Strap and Modular Sling

Silicone Phone Strap and Modular Sling

Unleash your phone’s potential with this minimal phone grip strap and modular crossbody sling.

Silicone Phone Strap and Modular Sling

Improve your everyday smartphone experience and stay clear of unintentional phone drops with their new Silicon Phone Strap. Both stretchy and adaptable, this new silicone variation of their most prominent phone hold supplies a risk-free and tight one-handed grip on your phone.

SILICONE STRAP – risk-free & snug phone grip

Constantly practical and smart, enjoy the new Phone Strap fully constructed from silicone for super robustness, stretchiness with enhanced flexibility.

Silicone Phone Strap and Modular Sling

THE SLING – a modular slide for your phone

To get the maximum from your mobile experience, with practicality, the sling clipped-on your phone band will forever transform the method you use your phone, helping you catch all moments, worry-free and hands-free.

Obtain a secure and snug hold on your smart device with their new silicone phone bands that will certainly fit conveniently around your fingers. Appreciate a reinvented, secure, one-handed phone hold that still seamlessly fits your gadget.

Phone Loops are the most minimalist phone grip solution.

Their brand-new silicone Phone Strap is made with a 0.03 in/ 0.8 mm thick silicone strap combined with the sand strong and repositionable 3M adhesive that leaves no traces.

The Phone Loops allows for a safe and secure, relaxed, one-handed grip on your phone that aids you to stay clear of unintended drops while enabling your thumb to reach every edge of the screen.

Silicone Phone Strap and Modular Sling

Forget the finger, hand aches, and unintentional drops! Loopholes are your best financial investment for sure; a few bucks spent can protect against hundreds of dollars in phone fixings and valuable information loss.

A universal and smooth grip solution – Their minimalist phone band fits all mobile phone brands as well as the majority of their typical cases like:

  • Apple iPhone
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • OnePlus
  • Google Pixel
  • Huawei
  • Small Kindle
  • iPad mini

Total devices approximately 7in screens.

Silicone Phone Strap and Modular Sling

Put your strap on a clean and firm phone case. Simply pass the strap through case openings and stick it inside after discovering your preferred tension.

It is recommended to stick the endings towards the center of the case for ideal compatibility with wireless battery chargers and MagSafe accessories. In general, remember to avoid lightweight, filthy, or droopy cases!

Loops just make your mobile life simpler, without unsightly bulk or weight added! With no uncomfortable, chunky, or uneasy attachments, your phone, despite just how old or new, can lay flat on a table and will slide in your pockets easily.

Silicone Phone Strap and Modular Sling

Compatible with your accessories – Their phone bands work with the largest variety of mobile devices.

Minimizes the Spread of Bacteria

Smartphones keep us safe and are one of the most essential things nowadays. Loop fans operating in health care have shared their interest in them, and it was one more reason to launch their extremely easy-to-clean and sterilize brand-new silicone phone grip. It’s the must-have mobile accessory as we are currently having a battle with the spread of COVID-19. Simply wash your Loop with water and soap or with alcohol wipes, and you’re good to go!

Silicone Phone Strap and Modular Sling

Wear It Your Way

  • Hands Free
  • Cross body
  • On your shoulder
  • Around your neck
  • At your waist
  • Clipped-on your bag
  • Body cam – Show footage (peaceful protest – safety)
  • no gopro no problemo
  • POV – for all of you content creators (IG stories – TIKTOK GIF)
  • Just remove it when you don’t need it.
Silicone Phone Strap and Modular Sling

Build Your Own Combo

You can pick your strap and sling color / design / clips once the campaign ends.

We are all about you! At Phone Loops, you can design your Phone Straps and Phone Slings with your logo and the colors you like to get a custom-made setup. These unique straps and slings will give your business affordable long-term exposure. Talk about low cost, high efficiency! This marketing strategy is a definite bang for your buck. Most people use their phone about a hundred times a day; they’re like the extension of one’s self! Putting your brand on the back of people’s phones guarantees exposure on a more than regular basis.


  • INFOGRAPHIC – technical specs
  • STRAP: The strap’s thickness is X.X mm – X.X in, anti-bacterial, keeps dirt away
  • SLING: Adjustable Length from XX to XX
  • Minimal footprint
  • Committed to non-plastic packaging & shipping.
Silicone Phone Strap and Modular Sling

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