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Luup-X | Fat Tire Carbon Fiber eBike

Let me introduce you to an e-bike that rides against stereotypes. Meet Luup-X!

Luup-X black design

Fat tire electric bikes are commonly known as pricey, troublesome, heavy… Unfortunately, often also badly designed. Luup-cube from Canada has changed the paradigm! With Luup X’s blending layout, and elegance with a reasonable price it really stands out! Not to mention, innovative technology to develop one of the most light-weight fat-tire eBike. Made from Carbon Fibre, as the new era specially designed products should be!

girl in a ark with Luup-x

Electric bikes are increasingly ending up being the standard.

Especially for those searching for one of the most flexible as well as cost-effective ways of traveling. The new boy is in town. Gazing thru the landscapes and catching the eyes! And as for efficiency, the Luup-X All Terrain Fat Tire Carbon Fiber eBike is a must-have.

front frame of Luup-x

A high-performance mid-drive electric motor elevates the throttle. Also, with a pedal-assist, to upgrade the levels! It will certainly provide high speeds and also high climbing abilities

rise and climb

. Piece of cake for Luup X! The powerful yet silent electric motor is flawlessly incorporated. Your driving style is harmonized and YOu will be perfectly satisfied with the whole picture.


luup-X on street

The most impressive attribute is range. Luup-X will save You from the fear of letting down on You. This eBike can run over 120 miles of range. All thanks to its 48V battery capability. This is sufficient for even the biggest adventures. And definitely, the most captivating distance range seen on an eBike.  An additional excellent function of this bike is the frame.

Luup-X in park

Distinctive, carbon fiber is ten times more powerful than aluminum. And certainly, guarantee that your eBike is ready for pretty much anything. And we all know that often have surprises throughout our exterior experiences.

woman and men with bikes

A high-quality visual impact paired with an eye-opening performance. This is what makes the Luup-X All Surface Fat Tire Carbon Fibre eBike a genuine competitor. Besides being your urban transport it’s also the top quality machine.

3 way switch

With three speed setups, it permits you to race along at rates of 45KM/H. Use the Class 3 setting for maximum efficiency. For precise gear changes use the Tumb shifter on this eBike. Also, the thumb throttle enables you to experience the full power of the Luup-X motor.

Each frame is very carefully developed.

blue Luup-X

It’s adjustable in height measurement for all riders. Chose Frames layouts from Small, Medium, Large, and also Extra Large. Designed for motorcyclists from 5’3 to 7’5 (1m60 to 2m23 in Metric form).

The Luup-x rate pedelecs are ready for the roadway, mountain, and city traffic…And of course for snowy days! For this reason, they have actually furnished every luup-x eBike with the most effective components.

tire of the bike

Overcome any type of terrain, no matter where you ride!

Being comfortable is a must-have with the Luup-X eBike. A wide, comfy seat will certainly make riding around town a satisfaction. The RST Renegade Suspension Forks will certainly deal with rough roadways. Gusto and the rear DMN AOY Suspension flaunts adjustable rebound controls. Finally, the lockout setting is here for optimal pedaling efficiency.

team of Luup-X

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