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MagBlade | Magnetic Titanium Knife

The magnetic knife only world renowned knife makers have access to

This isn’t the creator’s first time trying to design a titanium pocket knife. This final design of the MagBlade took iteration after iteration after iteration. Most machinists turned him away. Some would quote ridiculous prices to even machine this beautiful knife. Some machinists saying each knife would take hours and hours of labor to make. Costing well over $500 to even get the product machined.

If you’ve been on the hunt for the ultimate magnet titanium pocket knife, then you’ve just found it!


The Knifes super unique features:

  • Magnetic Locking Mech
  • Magnetic Butterfly Hinge For Satisfying Opens
  • Gorgeous Polished Blade
  • Easily Serviceable For Lifelong Use
  • Extremely Durable Titanium Body
  • Amazing M390 Blade Material
  • Precision Machined Grade 5 Titanium Body

He decided to call it MagBlade and this is what it looks like:


If you love having the most unique pocket knife wherever you go then this is the knife for you.

The MagKnife isn’t just a knife. It’s a multi-use pocket knife that can be used for a truckload more than just cutting stuff.

  • letter opening
  • crevasse cleaning
  • package opening
  • cutting fruit
  • removing splinters
  • cutting hair
  • cutting someone free from a seat belt inside a burning vehicle
  • carving
  • sharpening pencils
  • cutting rope
  • cutting wire
  • can opening
  • picking locks
  • cutting off a clothing tag
  • opening a keyring
  • performing surgery? (trained professionals only)


Weight :: 95grams

Length Closed :: 100mm

Length Opened:: 170mm

Width :: 20mm

Thickness:: 11mm

Blade Material:: m390

Material:: Grade 5 Titanium

Warranty:: Lifetime (Just don’t lose it. That’s not covered under the warranty)

Finish:: Titanium – Sand Blasted


In order for him to get the MagBlade into your sweaty palms… is by ensuring he can get his minimum quantity produced.

The actual cost for him to produce each MagBlade is the highest a product has ever cost him to produce for these reasons:


1. The Quality of Material they use (The Very Best)

2. The time it takes to build each one of these little suckers (Very Time Intensive, more than any of his products)

3. Current lack of quality machinists available (Hiring only the best of the best)

4. The Magnetic Mech (This isn’t easy)

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