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MagEasy Hybrid Workstation | Modular Magnetic Organizing Kit

An interactive, space-saving, all-in-one card carrying & desktop organizing system that streamlines your way to work & the way you work

The growing agility of life and increasing mobility of the workplace demands quicker adaptation of our daily accessories. The weight of versatility could not have been heavier in today’s working gadget. Overcome workplace challenges with readiness, orderliness, and calmness with MagEasy!


MagEasy is a hybrid workstation by LHiDS, which combines two of every modern worker’s daily essentials.

The ID badge holder (MagEasy Badge) and the desktop organizer (MagBoard Set), into one effective, modular piece of kit. So, you can shape and shift a work area with ease, and glide from location to location without missing a beat.

Whether you like the quick scan of cards and access to small EDC items during transit or in the office, the MagEasy Badge delivers. The MagBoard set keeps your tools and gadgets for work and life ready in one place in a customizable, orderly fashion to greatly boost your productivity and creativity.


The system declutters your life and clears the way for creativity.

Chaos clutters your mind and affects your mood. The MagEasy Hybrid workstation, which includes a magnetic badge holder for neatly arranging your EDC, and an organizing board with a diverse variety of magnetic accessories for perfectly placing the holder among other daily items, works seamlessly to regain a sense of calm and control.


The MagEasy Badge spices things up a bit by being more of a storage hub that consolidates your carry than a pure cardholder. You can magnetically attach to it an expanding range of useful tools to tackle any situation you find yourself in. Keeping what you need accessible without a hitch can be a real-time saver and a helper to start a busy day in a good mood.

Organize your everyday carry into a compact footprint with custom magnetic modules that meet the needs of specific scenarios.


Adapts to your day-to-day needs.

PHOLDR Mini holds your phone and frees your hands during face timing and video streaming.

Strong magnets firmly hold without demagnetizing your cards.

With strong magnets in every corner, you can detach and reattach all the optional modules in a snap (i.e. The PHOLDR mini, extra holder, portable mirror, and notepad clipboard). Simply choose from a variety of modules to build your very own customized badge to suit your daily lifestyle.


Wear it around your neck with the included lanyard and the retractable reel.

The Mageasy Badge permits multiple ways of wearing to suit various using scenarios such as in the office or at a conference. Moreover, the lanyard comfortably fits around your neck and is adjustable to any height.

When your ID card needs to be frequently swiped or scanned the MagEasy Badge offers the perfect solution with its detachable badge reel which can extend to as far as 19 inches (0.5m).


Detach the lanyard and carry it in your pocket or bag.

The pocket-friendly design of the MagEasy Badge enables you to remove the lanyard and the reel if you prefer to use it as a discreet wallet. So, feel free to wear it with confidence and style.

Your personal information is safe with MagEasy Badge.

Uncomfortable with your personal information exposed outside an office building? Mageasy Badge has your privacy in mind. Simply fold the holder to hide your ID, the magnetic design will ensure a safe closure.


Minimum space for maximum storage.

The minimal aesthetic of the MagEasy Badge belies just how many essential small EDC items (cards, cash, coins, etc.) you can place inside instead of letting them all bounce around in your pocket or your bag.

It features a pair of open card slots in both interior and exterior sides of the wallet, so you will always have at least one slot revealed for quick access cards when it is folded. In addition, there is also a clear window slot for holding your badge. Its capacity and convenience are also better with the extra slim cardholder.


MagEasy Badge makes sure you’ll have proper places for at least 4 cards when you get to where you’re going.

Excellent craftsmanship and material stand up to wear and tear like no other ID badge holder.

The new environmentally-friendly woven fabric makes up the water- and wear-resistant exterior of the holder; all the stress points have been double-stitched and reinforced to avoid the edges from fraying. The crafted technology and premium materials add rigidity to the holder and provide security for your gear.


With a multifunctional organizing board and various accessories, you could maximize your workspace and keep your badge holder, odds, and ends within reach. MagEasy redefines your workspace and contributes to your work efficiency and infinite creativity

Tailor combinations to meet individual organizing requirements

Declutter your desk and neatly arrange your belongings with various creative combinations. With limitless setup combinations, unleash your creativity to find what works best for you.


At LHiDS they’re passionate about designing projects that optimize your life in clever ways. They launched their first project last year and managed to deliver to 3,000+ backers on time! These new additions to the LHiDS lineup, like all LHiDS products, will help simplify people’s lives with good design and amazing organizing features.

The brand LHiDS originates from ”Love is hidden in details”. Believing that a good life is enhanced by treating every detail with care. The products have the 2020 German Red Dot Award, which combines practical function and simple design aesthetics.

The products include MagEasy Organizing series, EasyHouse wall-mounted storage series, MagEasy magnetic stand… and a variety of magnetic absorption accessories.

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