MagHolder: A Magnetic Wallet Stand for iPhone 12 & Much More
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MagHolder | A Magnetic Wallet Stand for iPhone 12 & Much More

A snap-on kickstand, wallet & grip. Prop phone in portrait, landscape & floating mode. A great little alternative to the Magsafe wallet

If you want to carry less and only essential when you head out, or to be hands-free when you are Facetimeing, TikTok swiping or video clip streaming, MagHolder, a single wallet stand, which is suitable for iPhone 12 and various other smartphones, will satisfy your needs! The simple operation is achieved by snap-on design. MagHolder is slim and unobtrusive and won’t be in your way for sure. It can fit 2 cards. If you are seeking methods to pare down, bring less and go with the essentials only, MagHolder is what you need.

MagHolder: A Magnetic Wallet Stand for iPhone 12
  • Hands-free during the online meetings
  • Raise at the optimal eye-level while preparing food

If you have doubts concerning putting your import cards in something that holds your phone by adhesion, do not stress! There is a safety shield for demagnetizing resistance.

Apple’s iPhone 12: Various dimensions fit various models of iPhone 12

In order to perfectly fit and provide the most effective performance to various dimensions of iPhone 12, there are 3 different sizes available for iPhone 12 ProMax, iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 mini.

MagHolder: A Magnetic Wallet Stand for iPhone
  • The metal sticker makes it every phone’s own.

Besides iPhone 12, MagHolder is additionally suitable with a wide range of smart devices. With the steel sticker, it can be used on any phone even if you do not have the MagSafe

  • Powerful suction holds it on tight
  • 2 symmetrical points of support
  • Steady as a rock
MagHolder: A Magnetic Wallet Stand for iPhone

MagHolder is crafted from top-quality, 100% vegan, eco-certified PU leather – the sleek appearance makes it feel wonderful in your hands. With pinned and covered sides, MagHolder will never detach.

MagHolder can tolerate greater than 5400 folds and opens, it equates right to a minimum of 18 months of intensive daily use.

Flip it open/close within 1 second. MagHolder can hold up your phone in a great position, as well as alter your phone with 4 angles in 1-second thanks to the magnetic feature.

MagHolder: A Magnetic Wallet Stand for iPhone
  • Perfectly unnoticeable but easily accessible
  • It will slip into your snug pockets smoothly and easily

Jesir is a team concentrated on smart mobile life with cutting-edge design. Influenced by life experience, they are fully committed to producing accessories that can improve your experience and free your hands.

MagHolder: A Magnetic Wallet Stand for iPhone

The idea of product design

One of the team members said that after talking to his family on video calls was getting more frequent, his hands were getting more tired each time and he felt a bit annoyed by it. Also, having to bring his phone and cards to work every day, was stressing him out if he forgot to bring the card.

After using the alternative products, he felt disappointed with them. Therefore, the idea of making this wallet stand came out. The concept is to give the individual a portable phone holder and card case, free hands for video calls, no need to bring a heavy wallet when going out and is perfect for the iPhone 12 series.

MagHolder: A Magnetic Wallet Stand for iPhone

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