MANOLI Cast Iron Skillet
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MANOLI | Cast Iron Skillet

Eternal frying pan with removable handle for healthy and safe cooking!

Introducing MANOLI Cast Iron Skillet with a removable wooden handle for everyday usage.

MANOLI Cast Iron Skillet

Take pleasure in the safety and practicality of MANOLI Skillet. Equipped with a removable handle that is made with a quick-release mechanism, the MANOLI Skillet lets you do your finest cooking all while avoiding getting burned. The cast iron used in this design enables this frying pan to withstand the toughest conditions, delivering an utmost long-lasting experience. Use MANOLI on any kind of surface, from your kitchen oven to a campfire, and take it with you to enjoy your time with friends and family.

The MANOLI Skillet is made of a single piece of cast iron and has a natural non-stick finish. Use it for cooking and baking pleasure.

MANOLI Cast Iron Skillet

MANOLI works with any type of kitchen ovens, from gas to induction. You can likewise place it on the grill, take it on a hike and use it on an open fire, and your hands will always be safe.

You can use MANOLI as a baking dish for anything with its removable handle: from baked dishes to meats and desserts. It fits conveniently in any oven.

Thanks to the all-natural non-stick finish, this frying pan will last you for many years despite daily use. MANOLI is a healthier alternative to various other frying pans that utilize non-stick ceramic finishing.

MANOLI Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron retains heat better and has the best thermal mass, so it can transfer heat far beyond the surface of the skillet. The oil spreads evenly over the frying pan surface and does not gather in separate drops due to the consistent heating of the frying pan and the homogeneity of the material. As a result – there is an unparalleled browning, excellent crust, succulent foods, and perfectly gold brownies that no other frying pan can provide.

The skillet is constructed from a single piece of cast iron making use of top-notch manufacturing. MANOLI can withstand literally anything. You can even cut in it or wash it with a metal brush. The frying pan has thick walls that are immune to temperature contortion. You don’t need to stress that your skillet will bend with time. The finest quality will certainly allow you to utilize this frying pan after ten years.

MANOLI Cast Iron Skillet

Manoli fits in any dishwasher as a result of its removable handle. It is super easy to clean up. Simply wipe it dry after usage and place it even in the narrowest place. Save space with MANOLI.

What could be better than a breakfast prepared in the open air? Delight yourself and your loved ones with Manoli.

They have additionally manufactured a collection of matching accessories (add-ons) to aid you to get the most out of your MANOLI skillet. Be ready for any situation!

MANOLI Cast Iron Skillet

Accessories include a glass lid for all dimensions of the skillet and a bamboo table stand.

All accessories will be offered as add-ons.

LID is constructed from boron silicate glass with a bakelite handle. It allows the lid to stand up to high temperatures and to utilize it in any situation.

MANOLI Cast Iron Skillet

Bamboo table stand

The Bamboo tale stand has a universal 20 mm diameter. It is easy to use with all types of frying pans. The table stand can be washed quickly as it is constructed from bamboo. Likewise, it does not break like the majority of wooden coasters.

MANOLI Cast Iron Skillet

Everyday with MANOLI

The idea of making Manoli skillet is that the team had a problem in finding a good size-fit easy-to-carry & easy-to-handle risk-free skillet that you can take on a hike. There were a lot of situations when someone burnt their hands and it spoiled all the fun on the hike. That is why they wanted to make a skillet with a quick-release wooden handle. The concept was to utilize only eco-friendly and natural materials to get a real high-quality product that can be used for years.

They believe that the product will have a worldwide interest, and they wish to raise money to make molds for all dimensions of skillets and begin a mass production process.

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