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Weighs 160g | Air Pump | Vacuum Pump | Camping Lantern | Emergency Power Supply | 4.5kPa Air Pressure

Meet the ultimate outdoor pump from FLEXTAILGEAR. In 2015, FLEXTAILGEAR brought the world’s first portable air pump-MAX PUMP to life. With the industry-leading micro motors and the latest turbo-centrifugal technology provided by AIRVORTECH™ technology, they have made another breakthrough in the development of outdoor portable air pumps. And now, they are introducing the MAX PUMP2 PRO – the most powerful & multifunctional 4-in-1 outdoor pump.


Adopting the new AIRVORTECH™ technology for optimized structure and air ducts, MAX PUMP2 PRO can easily reach 300L/min of inflation airflow and up to 4.5kPa of inflation pressure with its tiny size.

You can easily fill the large inflatable products more full and harder, such as inflatable boats, inflatable beds.  Meanwhile, they have set up 2 modes (High Mode & Low Mode) to meet different inflatable needs and inflatable products.


Same as other FLEXTAILGEAR air pumps, MAX PUMP2 PRO remains to meet your deflate needs. In addition to deflating inflatable items, but also possible to use with vacuum bags. It is much easier and faster to draw the air out of the vacuum bags, more powerful than a hand pump. No more worries about space, help you save more than 55% of the storage space in 30 seconds.   

MAX PUMP2 PRO, providing step-less dimming to better meet your different light brightness needs. With 500 lumens on high, it is rated to continuously last up to 12 hours at its high brightness, and 76 hours at the low brightness (50 lumens).

Illuminate the night with MAX PUMP2 PRO for camping, backpacking, hiking, and more.


It’s time to banish darkness and keep the adventure rolling.

You can use MAX PUMP2 PRO as a power bank with one USB output port to charge your smartphone or mobile devices in an emergency.


Lighten up your outdoor gear! It weights only 160g(5.6oz), smaller than a can of coke. With its handy size, you can easily put it in your pocket or backpack when you are not using it. The design of the top hanging ring, which allows you to string it on anything without a carabiner.

Made of high-quality ABS housing and PC lampshade material to ensure durability and reliability. IP55 dust & water-resistant to moderate rain and splash, deal with the various outdoor environments. It’s a reliable companion in every adventure you go on.

Wireless design for outdoor use. Built-in 3600mAh rechargeable lithium battery, MAX PUMP2 PRO can be charged by a fast Type C port, you could charge it by a wall socket USB charger, power bank, or even your computer USB slot. As long as it is fully charged, you can go to any place to inflate the device without any restrictions.


One charging for inflating 150 air pillows or deflating 35 L-sized buggy bags, or illuminating for 76 hours at 50 lumens.

MAX PUMP2 PRO can make a fire by blowing air and delivering oxygen faster, safely, and efficiently.

MAX PUMP2 PRO has 5 different types of nozzles, which can meet your different inflation & deflation needs.

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