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MaxTracker | Anti-Theft Bicycle Security System


Hello readers, bicycle enthusiasts, and people who appreciate good ideas!

MaxTracker on bike

How often do you take a bike and, while cycling, you roll a story in your head: “Maybe this is the last time I’m riding my bike?” You always have to put a security chain in your backpack, and, from my own experience, it is SO ANNOYING!

Today I ran into this interesting gadget, that will put your worries aside. Let me tell you more, this hidden wonders name is MaxTracker!

attaching MaxTracker

Real-Time GPS, Motion Sensors & Split Second Notifications

All hidden in a water bottle cage makes it unnoticeable and discreet.

MaxTracker bike thieves undergo 2 levels of security:

A top-of-the-line bike lock & MaxTracker’s high-decibel alarm & GPS tracking.

gps detection, battery status

What Maxtracker offers?

  • A high-grade bike lock & MaxTracker’s high-decibel alarm & GPS tracking.
  • Motion-Sensor
  • High-Decibel Alarm system
  • Real-Time GPS Monitoring
  • Mobile phone Application w/ Immediate Alerts
  • 5G/LTE Link
  • 2+ Month Rechargeable Battery
experience of MaxTracker

Built for extreme weather, he will work like a swiss watch!

Track your bike in real-time with 5G/LTE connectivity – whether it’s parked or on the move.

Know the moment your bike is relocated or jostled

Movement detectors signal your phone within 10 milliseconds of being tampered with.MaxTracker is quietly hidden in a water bottle cage made from aerospace-grade polycarbonate and also nylon-12. This makes it the perfect gadget for James Bond lovers.

MaxTracker easy to adjust

Any meddling or movement can likewise trigger a piercing alarm. That way you deter thieves from further pursuit.

Alarm system

Charge MaxTracker while installed on the bike, or take it off to charge in your home, car… Where ever you like!

Smart as well as efficient battery

When you install the application, she will constantly present your battery status. Created to last in extreme temperatures as well as outdoor conditions. Through any adventure, rain or shine, he is your best companion.

 You choose when to be notified – when your bike is jostled, directionally moved, pushed past a geofence, or a mix of the 3.

MaxTracker design

Capture waypoints of your ride with the MaxTracker app, and allow family & cycling buddies to track your flight in real-time.

Install MaxTracker (or remove) in seconds.

All you need is your trick, distinct to every MaxTracker. Couldn’t be more simple!

If a water bottle owner isn’t your style, or your bike doesn’t lack space for one, MaxTracker’s wings can be eliminated for an extra streamlined look.

riding bicycle MaxTracker


Steve is a lifelong entrepreneur with great experience in developing systems and building talented groups. His goal is to produce new services and products. He deals with a lot of different business branches

Steve Maxey


The development of MaxTracker satisfies Steve’s enthusiasm and goal: To reverse the past outcomes of bicycle theft. Finally, the owners win and the thieves go to prison.

Jim is an experienced innovation business owner with several endeavors in the sports and also physical fitness industry. He began as a software engineer. After that, he moved on to systems architect and after that to CTO roles. He has received 2 patents in sports as well as fitness.

Jim Dotter

Jim’s trauma of having his brand-new MTB taken while on a biking journey to Breckenridge was a great motivator to join. Even though it was a couple of years ago, it is easy to recall it. Not only the experience but also the sorrow he felt at the time.

Fitting MaxTracker on bike

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