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MEAZOR | The Future of Measure

MEAZOR - The Future of Measure

Your new companion for all measurements – A multifunctional digital measuring tool with a leading-edge floorplan scanning function.

How many measuring tools does one need to satisfy all measuring situations in their daily life? For sure, the need of measure will always be there. At HOZO Design, they wanted to provide a user-friendly, compact tool that can adapt to literally any measurement needs and made that possible.

MEAZOR - The Future of Measure

Meet the MEAZOR – to world’s most compact and most powerful measuring tool. Unique, all-in-one, advanced and practical – it will replace all your measurement needs. It is your new companion for all measures. A first-of-its-kind digital measuring tool with a leading floorplan measuring function.

Top features include:

  • 2Dfloor plan scanning – from capture to cadaster in a flash
  • Rolling measurer – lines, curves, scale units, and more
  • Laser distance measurer – reliable measurements up to 82feets
MEAZOR - The Future of Measure

With MEAZOR, simply rotate it by 360°. MEAZOR lets you perform meticulous measuring for high-end floorplan scanning in seconds.

With MEAZOR, every detail is precise from the straightest possible edges to the most detailed arcs with the curve scanning function.

It converts metric and imperial units and even customized scales. 

MEAZOR - The Future of Measure

With MEAZOR, A high-quality 25 meters/80 feet laser measuring module puts MEAZOR leagues ahead of conventional laser measurement devices.

MEAZOR adapts to software upgrades via Bluetooth connection. With its upgradable system, your MEAZOR will always be the most up-to-date companion of any measuring situation. **The bubble level, protractor, curve scanner, and pro laser functions are in the alpha test stage now and will be tested by 40 beta testers for further review and engineering refinement in Jun 2021.

MEAZOR - The Future of Measure

Powerful tech empowers performance:

  • 184ppi touch screen – tempered glass 1.3 inch 184ppi circular IPS touch screen
  • 4096 grade – magnetic encoder provide high-grade durability and stability for rolling function
  • 120% – STM32 high-speed microprocessor supports 120% better processing efficiency
  • 30 days standby – 550mAh battery supports up to 30 days standby or 16 running hours on a single charge.
MEAZOR - The Future of Measure

Smart and easy to use, MEAZOR can measure and save data by itself, and with MEAZOR APP, it adapts your work to unlimited possibilities.

With MEAZOR’s intuitive smartphone app, users can draw, edit, and save unlimited measuring results. Then exports vector drawings and measuring data in various formats for further editing.

It is compact and chic, fitting seamlessly into your pocket and your lifestyle. Small in size and smart in use. MEAZOR is the smallest 2D laser room scanner in the world! This sleek device is designed to complement a creative lifestyle, with an eye-catching outlook.

MEAZOR - The Future of Measure

Whether the job calls for 2D scanning, perfect measurements in daily life, or tracking tasks for project management, MEAZOR is the ultimate tool for the designer in all of us.

From the experienced architect to the young product developer, to the creative DIYer – MEAZOR is literally for everyone!

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