MELLO Nonstick Pans by Hard Crafts

mello nonstick pans

Safer, more durable, more non-stick!

MELLO Nonstick Pans

When looking to purchase a new pan, consider checking for a quality test. Pan is the one cooking utensil that really gets put through the wringer.

You need something that will stand the tests of heat durability, practicality, and, of course, time. Cooking with a non-stick pan has become a standard in almost every household. When it comes to quality and longevity, what makes a good one? Firstly, not only should food not stick to the pan when cooking, but oils and another residue should be easily wiped off when cleaning. Above all, the composition of the pan should be made from non-toxic materials.

And finally, the pan should be able to last, even if put through the most intense conditions. Hard crafts are proud to present to you MELLO. It’s a versatile and durable cooking pan with reinforced carbon fiber coating. Ensuring a smooth, non-stick, cooking experience that will last you a lifetime.

They are crafting this pan from their carbon fusion material. It’s the world’s first non-stick carbon fiber technology coating through adopting plasma technology to apply the carbon fusion.

The MELLO nonstick pans are extremely strong and super durable with all of the merits of water-based coating.

MELLO Nonstick Pans

They are making MELLO nonstick pans with Carbon Fusion. PEEK Technology (polyether ether ketone) is its core material. It is probably one of the most durable non-stick coatings ever invented, and the world’s first water-based non-stick coating reinforced by carbon fiber. PEEK Technology is typically used in the manufacturing of medical tools, devices, implants, with this breakthrough in kitchenware design. They’ve developed a pan that is safer, more durable, and most of all, more “non-stick.”

MELLO Nonstick Pans

Carbon fusion is food grade and completely non-toxic. The whole pan is coated in this compound wrapped around its entirety for an effortless polished, finish and easily clean every time. The integrity of your pan will last from meal to meal, even if cleaned with chemical detergent.

MELLO is food-grade composite metal, with precisely five-millimeter-thick aluminum alloy and a base comprised of heat-conducting stainless steel.

MELLO Nonstick Pans

Perfect for quick and even heat distribution.

For both induction and stove cooking with MELLO nonstick pans, you will enjoy the perfect size, weight, and non-stick cooking experience every time you prepare a meal. But they didn’t just stop there. They thought further and focused their efforts on a product that can accommodate multiple cooking styles.

They worked with a chef to create an all-in-one cooking pan bursting with versatility and sustainability. Introducing MELLO hybrid, your new cooking appendage with all the merits of a flat pan. They designed the MELLO nonstick pan with an enlarged base, allowing for it to adapt to a variety of cooking styles.

MELLO Nonstick Pans

Additionally, MELLO includes a micro pressure pot cover made from tempered glass and a self-stand.

They strive to present you with unmatched quality, geared towards enhancing your cooking experience. They thank you for bringing this project to life!

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