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MetMo | The World’s Most Satisfying Driver

MetMo Vehicle driver is both a fidget toy and also a tool!

It will keep you completely satisfied for hours. You can either fiddle with it or use it to drive to the Earth’s core!

multipurpose driver metmo

MetMo Driver is some sort of a hybrid. Somethin between hand braces of old (the pre-cursors to electrical drills) and modern screwdrivers.

Who’s it for?

  • produced designers
  • engineers
  • thinkers
  • any person who wants to just take a moment to focus, ease stress, or simply play around

 MetMo Driver is both an effective and versatile tool. Also amazingly enjoyable to fiddle with!

Like a Swiss watch, each element interlocks flawlessly. Enjoy with the endless motion of MetMO.

metmo two colors

This is a device you will not wish to hide away in your toolbox! Each turning and click has actually been carefully crafted. That way offering you maximum and complete satisfaction.

Driving back in time

Do you wish to own a part of history?

back in time

One of the early forms of the ratchet screwdriver was developed by Conrad Baumann. It’s brand name was Baumann-Weltrecord. Just think, with the use of hard materials and state-of-the-art machining methods, Baumann’s vision is relieved.

metmo design

They also analyzed the original and engineered out every single weak point. That way it made it a useful device for the 21st Century.

MetMo Driver does not believe in pilots

We are all aware most work can be finished only with the proper preparation and suitable device. Yet, there’s something comforting as well as oddly satisfying driving a screw. Drill as deep as it goes, without the shrill squeal. With MetMo Driver they included Autopilot Technology (totally trademarked). WOW, you can drive screws in without the requirement of a pilot hole.

screwing with metmo

This device can deal with everything! From driving in an un-piloted coach bolt to piercing an excellent hole. All this with your spade drill! Unlike a basic screwdriver, you can obtain all of your weight behind the MetMo. You don’t stop until you reach the bedrock.

Why this style? Why not a more contemporary screwdriver?

Modern screwdrivers are constructed to be low budget, implicating that are often made from low-quality plastics. They wanted to create something that was all steel-made.  Products that would last generations. The Pilot’s style lets you place in screws a lot easier than a typical screwdriver.

fiddle 1

They found the initial style was extremely satisfying to fiddle. So, they wished to re-create that sensation by combining it with something which looked incredible.

fiddle 2

The initial design by Conrad Baumann lest them speechless. They were amazed at how versatile it could be. The original was purely a screwdriver. With the standardization of bits, they saw a lot of new possibilities. So, they turn this idea into one hell of a multi-tool.

Super high torque screwdriver.

With its arm lowered right into wrench mode, MetMo driver can deliver over 70Nm of torque. It’s like constantly driving home without stopping for gas!

Use with any drive bit

fits any bit

MetMo Driver is compatible with all conventional removable hex drive bits. You can use it with 1000’s modern components. Also, your much-loved brand names from around the world. Or utilize basic adaptors to make it a lot more versatile!

Forward and reverse

forward and reverse metmo

With a satisfying click flick in between forward and reverse. Also, you can lock out the Driver. Transform it into a totally manual screwdriver!

Easy on the wrist

easy on the wrist metmo

The distinct style makes placing screws by hand much easier. Making, that way, far less stress on the wrist. Don’t end up with a burning lower arm after placing in one screw! You’ll never strip the head of a screw once again. Its distinct system permits the handle to remain stationary. Put all of your weight behind the Driver, so it can’t slip. Don’t ruin your screws!

Battery free

It’s always convenient to have a portable device in the package!

free of baterry

Sometimes happens that your battery screwdriver can not take care of that stubborn screw. Or maybe runs out of battery at the worst tool… It is perfect for any kind of tool bag, glove box, and even back pocket! Depends on what sort of fixing you are doing.

Teachnical data

Weight: 320g

Size: 165 (6.5″)mm x 30mm(1.18″) x 43mm(1.70″)

Finish: Heat treated stainless steel, hard anodised (clear or black)

Maximum Torque: 76Nm (672 in-lbs) We can probably go higher than this*

Materials: Hardened Martensitic Stainless Steel grade 440, hardened tool steel, Hard anodized aluminium, Brass, Plate stainless steel and class 10.9 bolts.

Bit Size: 1/4 (6.3mm) Hex drive bits

Magnetic Socket: Yes

Safety tests

In the early beginning, they wanted to make sure that the handle would survive a significant screwing session. So they tested every single part , making sure that they can guarantee the product.

fixing with metmo

They formed a test rig, that allowed them to use 100kg (220lbs) of weight. This is the worst-case scenario for the handle, and also a quality test for the entire product. Applying that much weight to something is difficult.

Also, they made Von Mises stress evaluation.

what is made of

 They ran the sim under a single-point hefty load of 100kg. There was a slight strain in the arm, yet absolutely nothing that would cause breakage. So, this test went incredibly well!

What is MetMo?

MetMo is their main premise and philosophy. Metal in Motion. This represents the top in engineering quality.  Applicable in industrial, aesthetic, and also functional design. Cutting-edge top quality right into your hands!

metmo logo

MetMo will not produce reduced quality products for mass-market re-selling. Instead, they concentrate on low quantity ideas. Simply – quality over quantity. Also, it’s meaningful for them to share their love for design. Not to mention – mesmerization with the mechanical layout.

metmo light sable

They’re a little team of engineers. But, as well good friends. United with a love for cutting-edge layouts that we are devoted to delivering, they are devoted to delivering them to customers. They’ve simulated, prototyped, and evaluated every part of the product. Based on previous good relationships with manufacturers all over the world, they pull together the best parts as well as tech!

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