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Misen Nonstick Essentials

Better nonstick, at a better price — now in a full collection of essential cookware.

By Popular Demand — Cookware for Everything You Want to Cook – a full new collection of Misen Essential Nonstick, in all the cookware pieces you need.

We all know that all nonstick eventually starts to stick. The only options used to be cheap pans that are terrible at cooking and won’t last more than a year or premium stuff that costs over $150.

Misen Nonstick

Misen Nonstick Promises Top-Quality, Long-lasting Durability — at a Fair Price.

It’s their belief that every cook deserves access to high-quality tools, not just the ones who have money to burn. So, they created a nonstick pan that offers premium, long-lasting performance, at an honest and fair price.

It combines three layers of industry-leading, PFOA-free nonstick coating, with an innovative Plasma Primer which helps the nonstick adhere better to the pan (sort of like how paint primers work).

Misen Nonstick

Here is how they ensure that multiple layers of the premium nonstick coating and a Plasma Primer actually do extend the life of the pan. Meet the Shake Machine! In the pan, they combine steel ball bearings with highly abrasive corundum and let the Shake Machine do its magic. In just a few hours, they can age a pan by 3-5 years.

Similar to a Saucepan, but Better

Rounded walls and a wide mouth make stirring and whisking easier, and it’s the perfect size for boiling and reheating small volumes.

A Multipurpose Pan for More than Just Sautéing

This wide, flat-bottomed pan is a natural for big-batch sautés, searing, and stir-fries, but its width and depth make it an optimal choice for shallow-frying and poaching, too.

Misen Nonstick

A Chef’s Favorite, and One of the Most Versatile Pans Ever

Thanks to its oven-friendly size, it’s a uniquely functional piece of bakeware, as well as an all-purpose stovetop tool.

A Kitchen Essential for Every High-Volume Need

Their stockpot has a wider, shorter shape than most, making the bottom and corners easy to reach with ladles, spoons, and tongs.

Misen Nonstick

This Isn’t Just Your Egg Pan

An extra-thick, 4.2mm aluminum core means you can still delicately cook your eggs and fish, while also turning up the heat for searing.

Thick Aluminum Core for Even and Fast Heating

You won’t have any trouble with hot spots, and while it’s light enough to easily maneuver, it’s strong and sturdy so it won’t warp.

Rounded Walls and Wide Mouths for Easy Reaching

Spatulas, spoons, and whisks can easily clear the whole pan, with no hard-to-reach corners where food might scorch.

Misen Nonstick

Comfortable, Stay-Cool Handles 

Their ergonomic design fits snugly in the hand, with a hollow core that keeps it safe to use over high heat — and oven-safe, too.

Silicone-Rimmed Glass Lids to Protect Your Cookware

They make a tight seal for all your steaming and simmering needs and are designed to help your nonstick last as long as possible.

Misen Nonstick

Stain-Resistant Exteriors for Easy and Fast Cleanup

Their sleek ceramic finish will always stay looking new, with no worry of stains or blemishes developing.

You asked for nonstick pans and cookware sets, and Misen is ready to deliver.

Whether you’re outfitting your first apartment kitchen or a seasoned dinner party host, the right cookware set includes everything you need and nothing you don’t.

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