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MONDGO | Smart Sleepwear for better sleep


Hey You all!

You know that awful feeling when you just roll in your bed all night?

If it’s too hot it’s a nightmare, but also that cold feeling is very unpleasant…

Do you know what’s great? I found a solution for that – Mondgo!

Sleep Faster, Deeper, and also Better

The power of mint makes their material super cool to the touch. As soon as you dress Mondgo, you’ll feel a wave of coolness! It will certainly help to drop your core temperature.

pleasant feeling, soft

Combined with darkness this sets off a rise of melatonin. It’s our body’s rest& sleep hormone. Causing you to go to sleep much faster.

Mondgo’s Fabric regulates your body’s temperature. Preventing uneasy sweaty evenings or freezing shivers. That allows you to rest much deeper. Sleeping much deeper minimizes your cortisol levels.

It helps you to feel really calmer, relaxed, and also powered up!

Mondgo mean luxury and softness on your skin

Mondgo’s fabric is made from mint as well as bamboo.

Mint and bamboo Mondgo fabric

These are both great fibers that make their sleepwear luxuriously soft. But also mild to the skin. So much that its touch and feel are comparable to silk!

Highly Breathable

Mondgo fabric is very breathable! Due to its structure, the smooth strands do not grab against each other. The gaps in the weave are free of blockages. That way the air is free to flow.

style man Mondgo

Moisture Wicking

Their one-of-a-kind mint, as well as a bamboo material blend, is very absorbing. This assists in swiftly wicking away the sweat.

 But also unpleasant wetness from your body, enabling you to really feel fresh. Being dry and comfy all night long is the best way to get proper rest.


thermoregulation, melatonin

Mondgo is your individual thermostat.

Bamboo and also mint fibers are breathable by themself.

It is because of their structure. Their breathability allows temperature levels to be regulated on both sides of the fabric.

Which indicates it will certainly keep you cooler in summers and warmer in winters.

Eco-Friendly and Gentle to the Planet

Mint is an intensely growing herb, frequently called out a weed. It is because of its invasive nature due to which it grows abundantly. Without requiring much water or care.

style woman Mondgo

Bamboo is naturally available, self-replenishing grass that can expand up to 3 feet each day. All that without dangerous pesticides and calls for 70% less water than cotton. Throughout harvesting, it’s not plucked. That way maintains the roots intact. By that deforestation is also avoided.

Premium yet Affordable

They assure unequaled top quality. Also, they took notice of every piece of information! That way ensuring that they could produce an ultimate product. The main premise was that it feels great, looks great, and is also one that you’ll appreciate for several years to come. It comes in 5 colors!

color 1 Mondgo
color 2 Mondgo
color 4 Mondgo
color 5 Mondgo
color Mondgo

Close to Skin

They developed Mondgo since the closest point to your skin is not your bedsheets. Nor are comforter, the room temperature level, but YOUR SLEEPWEAR! Your sleepwear is one of the most vital objects that assists regulate your body temperature level.

style woman

If it’s Winter or Summer, and if your body can not control your core temperature level, you are bound to have a restless night! Thus, they came to design a material for ALL SEASONS.

style men

Wash & Treatment

Wash inside-out To maintain your Mondgo material in the best shape.

Turn your sleepwear inside out while cleaning. Wash fabrics that are alike. Avoid denim and also hefty towels. Especially avoid things with hooks as well as holds. Wash Mondgo sleepwear with softer fabrics like cotton. Also, wash on a delicate cycle in cold water as well as low spin.

wasching Mondgo

Lay flat to completely dry or tumble dry, but on a low ode. Please do not hang dry, as this might create the fabric to stretch.

Mondgo designers

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