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Hello dear ladies, this one is for you!

Montage bag, green

We all know that bags are a woman’s most valuable possession, obsession, and we are in a constant search for a perfect one!

Seeking a functional everyday bag that is vegan and also eco-friendly, while still looking fashionable? There’s a new kid in town that will offer you simply that – the Montage bag.

Urban style and Montage

It matches with every lifestyle possible in an on-the-move world. Whether you go to your workplace or seeking new destinations, this will be your new favorite bag!

Different lifestyle with Montage

Completely made of Portuguese cork

Isn’t that interesting? They use premium Portuguese cork that is totally natural and ethically harvested. Their vegan natural leather is about 3 times lighter than leather while it is as firm & resistant as genuine leather. Harvesting the bark from a cork tree does not harm the tree (no trees are cut down throughout the harvest)! As a matter of fact, it lets the tree breathe therefore more oxygen is released.

cork leather bag Montage

That way the tree expands! For every bag you pledge, a tree will be planted via their partner, Kijani Forestry. After each harvest, the Cork tree fully regenerates within 7 to 9 years after harvest. The process prolongs the life of the tree by 200 years. This terrific material is entirely natural, sustainable, vegan, as well as eco-friendly.

Montage logo

Montage is a rectangular-shaped bag

It was designed with the premise of being a comfy as well as a functional everyday bag. It can be used in several ways: as a backpack, tote, or laptop bag. The design of the bag can be modified instantly just by changing the bands.

different lifestyles

Montage is adapted for you completely. You’ll be able to hang it over your shoulders like a backpack or carry it around like a tote bag. In a few seconds, you can quickly change the bag straps to fit your style of the day!

Montage bag will certainly fit into your lifestyle.

With its cleverly located pockets and also stylish design. We spent 14 months, creating and also designing the perfect bag with ladies in mind first! Whether you are a businesswoman or a student, an adventurer or a tourist, a traveler or a freelancer- Montage Bag was made exclusively for you!

Four colors

Montage is available in four wonderful colors. Dark green, burgundy, black, or maybe the newest – mustard? You choose!

Thoughtfully developed interior

Its inner small details will give you enough space to organize your woman’s treasures. But, the main point was to access them easily.

Montage interior

It’s an elegant and very stylish bag that looks attractive outside with easily accessible pockets. Nonetheless, most of us understand that it’s what’s inside that counts! Open the bag’s double zipper pulls to find several compartments, inner pockets as well as specially made slots for all of your bare necessities. Place in your laptop, water bottle, or maybe – passport? All your valuables are in place and organized. No more digging through a bag!

Montage in nature

Montage bag is extremely lightweight and practical!

It weighs 1.1 kg/ 2.4 pounds. The cork natural leather additionally aids the pack to weigh far less than leather choices.

inside the Mntage bag

The interior of the bag includes the following compartments:

  • The main area which is large enough to hold a 15 ″ laptop
  • Water bottle holder
  • A slip pocket at the back is big enough to store files or an iPad and has a magnetic closure
  • A smaller slip pocket on the opposite side, which is divided into two areas
  • 2 zipper pockets
  • 2 pen slots
  • Montage bag interior compartments
Montage in nature


On the outside of the Montage bag, you will discover a slip pocket zipped on the front. Which is wonderful for very easy access. The back of the bag includes a dual-zippered pocket that doubles up as a sleeve that can be used to attach the bag to travel luggage while taking a trip.

luggage attached bag

The Montage Everyday Backpack is naturally constructed but still maintains waterproof. That way ensures that inclement weather won’t render items waterlogged.

In general, the Montage bag is a good-looking, environmentally friendly as well as comfortable day-to-day bag. It’s an excellent fit for any individual who tends to carry a lot of stuff around. Most important – who would love to store everything in one comfy bag.

Montage around the world

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