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Moose Designs | Multi-Functional Workstation Bag

Reinvented laptop bag with innovative features that creates your own private workstation anywhere!

We are back with our fourth Kickstarter campaign after delivering thousands of bags successfully on time! We surveyed our backers and asked about the new functions that they’d like to see on our bags. After eight months of hard work and dozens of prototypes, we are very excited to share our new campaign with you. 

One of the reasons why love this Kickstarter community is that the backers help creators to develop the products with their feedbacks. We surveyed our backers about the details that they would like us to develop on our bags and we’ve read the survey responses very carefully to create a new laptop bag with all the requested features and upgrades! Please see the pictures below to compare all the changes between our first and new versions. 

We moved the zipper frame around the base from bottom to the top to create a fully flat working surface. (Red arrow shows where the zipper frame used to be located in our older versions and Yellow arrow shows where we moved it to on our new laptop bags.
Attachable panels were the most requested feature by our backers so now, you will be able to detach the side panels from the bag and use it as a separate organizer on the go! Red arrow shows where the side wing was stitched to the bag permanently in our older versions. And Yellow arrow shows how wings can be separated from the bag.
In our previous laptop bags, the front pocket was opening only half way down and it had a basic few pockets as well as four elastic straps. With our new designs, we totally changed that by adding eight new functional pockets and dedicated elastic straps that are easily accessible, thanks to the fully opening pocket design!
Moose designs’ laptop bag is designed with travelers in mind so there is a luggage strap on our both versions however we made it even more functional now! When you don’t need to use the strap on the backside, you can turn the entire area into a pocket with the hidden dual zippers.

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