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MOZA Slypod Pro | Carbon Fiber 3-In-1 Electric Monopod

MOZA Slypod Pro, Carbon Fiber 3-In-1 Electric Monopod

The redefined monopod combines an electric slider & jib arm empowering content creators to “Capture the World’s Wonders”.

When a filmmaker’s wildest concepts materialize, an incredible video comes to life.

However, a totally geared-up journey on a productive and high-grade film-making adventure calls for so much equipment – a tripod, a monopod, a slider, a jib arm, a drone, a video camera controller, and a lot more.

Wouldn’t it be great if all the functions are integrated into one gadget?

MOZA Slypod Pro, Carbon Fiber 3-In-1 Electric Monopod

That’s why they created the MOZA Slypod Pro, a dream for all filmmakers, content developers, and videography lovers! The reliable monopod redefined right into the 3-in-1 Slypod Pro. A monopod that combines an electrical slider and a jib arm empowering material designers to “Capture the World’s Wonders”.

This small and lightweight monopod achieves impossible angle shots and puts concepts available to make sure that filmmakers can go beyond the impossible to understand their complete creativity with professional shots outdoors while traveling lightly, and also saving space in their studios.

As Powerful As Any Monopod

MOZA Slypod Pro, Carbon Fiber 3-In-1 Electric Monopod

The Slypod Pro can expand to 530mm for a total size of 1380mm. Capture the world’s marvels anywhere you go with a portable motorized slider that can be made use of as a slider or a jib.

Slypod Redefines The Monopod

The MOZA Slypod Pro is the globe’s initial digital height adjustable monopod which can be completely prolonged and controlled with simply one hand. To accomplish this, a motor was installed inside the main body which allows it to be managed more conveniently unlike typical monopods. Conserve time, stay clear of complicated setups, and never miss a shot with Slypod Pro.

As Practical As Any Slider

Tell your story with completely smooth motion shots. Making use of the ultra-portable and effective Slypod Pro, to produce cinematic shots and sublime videos.

Fully Enhanced Jib Arm

The Slypod Pro is your smart digital cam assistant. It serves as both a mechanized slider and an extendable jib arm to catch memorable time-lapse photography from any desired angle.

MOZA Slypod Pro, Carbon Fiber 3-In-1 Electric Monopod

Easy Set-Up

As an advanced camera companion, Slypod Pro was developed to look after all setups, which removes time-consuming and complicated configuration. It permits content creators to only focus on creative thinking, rapidly enter the zone, capture shots from impossible angles quickly and easily, and never miss out on a vital shot.

Macro photography

With the help of Slypod Pro, it is possible to carry out an up-close expedition of the globe making use of a macro lens and movie objects like insects, plants, and food from unique angles and points of view. The motorized slider makes it possible for creators to relocate cameras forward and backward steadily and smoothly while the speed can be readjusted in a specific array via the MOZA Master Application. Envision the effective aesthetic influence and skillful video this strategy can provide for your content.

Spinning Shot

With lightweight and the best mobility, the Jib Arm function of Slypod Pro can be used to develop spinning shots, which can present the appeal of nature and landscapes in a creative way.

MOZA Slypod Pro, Carbon Fiber 3-In-1 Electric Monopod

God-like viewpoint

Slypod Pro enables videographers to film from a high angle to the ground much like having a ‘God-like perspective’ of the world around us. From this point of view, you are given the omniscient power to capture everything from a bigger angle and catch every small detail. Similarly, its Jib Arm function can simulate drone views, shooting from a high angle to a reduced angle. Create incredible scenes without costly drones or when drones are forbidden at some scenic sites.

Dynamic Time-lapse

Time-lapse digital photography, integrating a collection of still pictures captured over a period of time right into a film, is just one of the most exciting and impressive cinematography strategies. With Slypod Pro you can do this!

MOZA Slypod Pro, Carbon Fiber 3-In-1 Electric Monopod

Place Slypod Pro flat above a tripod, the expansion part of it can slide out to take shots from several angles smoothly and steadily. During the capture, the rate and length can be precisely controlled by their smart however easy to use MOZA MASTER APP.

Star Trail Time-lapse

Dolly Shot

Using its slider function, Slypod Pro is able to create the famous Dolly Shot, among one of the most fantastic shooting techniques, which permits the scenes to be seen in a larger angle with even more background yet also attracts the attention of the audience, highlighting crucial objects. Add these attractive scenes to your content to perfect your films.

MOZA Slypod Pro, Carbon Fiber 3-In-1 Electric Monopod
  • Smooth Focusing
  • Low-Angle Shots
  • Much More Imaginative Concepts To Be Unveiled
  • Noise Reduction Optimise For All Scenes

In contrast to the last 2 generations, Slypod Pro has considerably improved on its noise level which is only around 5 decibels during the procedure. The Slypod Pro is the best creator device for wedding and interview recording.

MOZA Slypod Pro, Carbon Fiber 3-In-1 Electric Monopod

MOZA Master APPLICATION enables Slypod Pro to be linked with a MOZA gimbal, making it possible for 4-axis activity control for professional-level creative opportunities.

Utilize the MOZA Master App and a smart device to carry out exact movements at variable rates, program motions, and much more.

Hi-Precision Motion Control Made Easy

Experience the Ultra-high power drive motor technology that powers the Mars rover within your reaches, with an unmatched accuracy of 1mm and velocity from 0 to 10,000 rpm in only 10 microseconds (1/100000s).

The rigid carbon fiber body of Slypod Pro is ultra-lightweight and solid. The internally tailored motor gives stable and smooth camera movement. The Slypod Pro is capable of supporting anything from a smartphone to big cams, as well as most stabilizers.

MOZA Slypod Pro, Carbon Fiber 3-In-1 Electric Monopod

Weather Proof Design

The intelligent mechanical design provides Slypod Pro with maintenance-free efficiency, protecting the built-in transmission system from wind, sand, and dust.

Slypod Pro works with all sorts of mirrorless or DSLR electronic cameras, tripods, and a large range of gimbals on the marketplace.

Unlimited Power Supply

The super integrated battery offers the Slypod Pro with up to 4 hours of run-time. It can also be charged by an external power supply for continuous shooting. With the boosted power supply, imagination always beams.

MOZA Slypod Pro, Carbon Fiber 3-In-1 Electric Monopod

Optional Accessories for Better Experience

The intelligent modular style of Slypod Pro enables universal compatibility with most cam accessories and motion control systems for your indoor and outdoor shooting configurations. The quick and easy setup allows you to get into action in simply a few secs.

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