Mr Carve M1
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Mr Carve M1 | The Mini All-Metal Engraver with Industrial Grade Quality

Turn any space into high-quality workshop with a compact & versatile laser engraver with 50+ times higher accuracy and 20+ faster speed

Meet Mr Carve M1, the most compact laser engraver for a diversity of materials, including metal. With industrial-grade resolution, speed, and power, the M1 laser engraver lets you engrave clearly and quickly on a variety of surfaces, from metal to plastic, and even leather. Use it for personal items or business projects.  Either way, it’s an amazingly easy and handy tool to have around.

Mr Carve M1

The highest quality engraving at the fastest speeds – M1 is the evolution of laser engraving. Engrave your logos, name, and more!

Other engravers are either too bulky or not able to engrave clearly and efficiently, especially when it comes to hard metal surfaces.

The powerful laser is for perfect engraving.

Mr Carve M1

Mr Carve M1 is small, but it gives you the best resolution for your engraving.

Engrave almost any item with the M1 high-frequency laser.

M1 applies a 1064nm wavelength infrared pulse laser with ultra-strong etching capabilities. The electro-optic modulator (EOM) inside the laser head transforms the 2W continuous laser into a 15kw infrared pulse laser, which transmits 25000 frequencies for highly effective hard surface engraving.

Mr Carve M1

M1 works great with metal, plastic, painted material, leather, and much more.  It’s small, but don’t let that fool you.  Compared to other larger engravers, it’s just as smooth and powerful.

The M1 is revolutionizing the industry with never-before-seen speed and consistency. With engraving speeds up to 10,000 mm/s and outputs at an engraving accuracy of 0.001mm, M1 is a truly disruptive game changer for portable laser engravers and saves hours without compromising on the quality of the engraving.

Detailed engraving resolution for eye-catching details.

Mr Carve M1

With a 15Kw pulsed infrared laser, you can etch on any metal surface, many plastic materials, and leather. Moreover, the powerful laser creates the perfect finishes, allows you to get creative, and lets you get very detailed images of your products.

Compactable and Versatile

M1 connects to your computer via USB, and multi-format support makes the engraving process smooth without hassles. With M1 you can truly plug and play.

  • Breath-taking creativity is only a few clicks away, engraving range of 75*75mm.
  • Easy to edit your picture and text.
  • A few clicks and your masterpiece are all set for engraving.
Mr Carve M1

Mr Carve M1 offers a powerful and tailor-made software system for all types of engraving tasks. You can conveniently adjust the size of the picture, the engraving depth, and width to get various grayscale effects. Simply drag any pictures you love into the software to create your personalized picture for engraving.

  • Inner hexagon spanner holds the engraving objects firmly for accurate etching effect.
  • The 180° rotating laser head design allows unrestricted etching, no matter the shape and size.
  • The switch ensures engraving efficiency for commercial workshop use.
Mr Carve M1

Equipped with an inner hexagon spanner and a one-click button, M1 makes it easy to engrave and etch in mass production with efficiency.  Consequently, M1 gives you the ability to etch your own items, or even earn money by producing memorable gifts or souvenirs.

Engravers don’t have to be difficult and time-consuming! With Mr Carve M1, it only takes four steps to get high-resolution artwork in just a few seconds. In other words, it really is a plug-and-play engraver that makes it easy to etch any item.

Mr Carve M1 laser engravers are built to last

Mr Carve M1

The embedded fan helps to cool down the engraver

The major components of M1 are made of high-strength metal, and the built-in fan cools the device down quickly to ensure it works properly for years. You can expect M1 to last for 50,000+ hours of engraving time!

M1 comes with an easy-to-follow manual and can be assembled in just a few minutes. So, they are confident it will be the easiest engraver you ever use!

Multiple protections guarantee safe usage for you and the device

Your safety is always their first priority. The M1 laser doesn’t work on human skin so it is impossible for any injury during the engraving process. However, they recommend wearing protective goggles for maximum safety. Additionally, the rated power will automatically decrease after continuously working for 5 hours to prevent overheating. Therefore, with Mr Carve M1, you are free to engrave, knowing you’re safe!

Mr Carve M1

Creativity Space Technology INC. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and promotion of new laser engraving equipment and intelligent electronic products. Creativity Space is committed to building laser intelligent manufacturing equipment so that laser technology to change human life, all kinds of laser equipment categories are complete.

The company has rich experience in the industry, incorporating today’s advanced technology and has achieved proud performance in the field of new laser engraving equipment and technology applications, and has had a strong influence in the field.

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