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MUKI BounceMan | Invisible Flick Stand For Laptop, Phone, Tab

Invisible, foldable, portable | Open & fold in 0.3 second | Support laptop, phone, tablet, etc. | Improve posture & ventilation | Tough

You need such an ingeniously designed portable laptop stand to make your typing and viewing more comfortable and to improve your working efficiency on the go. And better yet, blocking no vents and compatible with all your devices like smartphone, tablet, kindle, switch and much more.

MUKI BounceMan-The world’s first invisible and portable flick stand for all your electronic devicesEasily attach to the back of all devices to make it self-stand and give you a healthier working and entertaining posture. Automatically extended by a spring in 0.3 second when the switch is activated. Completely steer clear of any vent, strip or pad on the bottom to give your device better airflow.

MUKI BounceMan uses a spring-assisted mechanism that takes just 0.3 second to open and fold in one quick motion. Activate the switch and Whala, the stand automatically extends and stands on its own. Fold it in and it will be locked securely in place. Easy for anyone to use.

It transforms any desk, table, or surface into a comfortable, organized work environment within seconds. As slim as a coin, your laptop can slide in/out of its sleeve with MUKI on with absolutely no obstacle. No more frustration of repeated setting up and putting away, it allows you to make the most of your workspace in a smooth one-hand operation.

MUKI BounceMan is the size of a finger,folded down to only 3.7mm in thickness and weighs 2.5oz. Simply attach it to the bottom of your laptop and it’s barely noticeable and almost invisible from the side view!

It is a perfect on-the-go stand for frequent travelers, that can be easily carried in your jeans pocket, saving space to the extreme.

MUKI BounceMan raises the laptop off the table surface, and due to its tiny footprint, it leaves your laptop vents perfectly unblocked for better airflow and improved heat dissipation. So your laptop always stays cool and runs at its top speed.

MUKI BounceMan is compatible with almost all your mobile devices regardless of their sizes or models. It can be applied to anything flat that you would like to make self-standing or elevated. Smartphone, tablet, Kindle, Switch, keyboard, you name it.

It’s ideal for a hands-free video watching, game playing, face timing, and web surfing on your smartphone. It allows your body to adopt a more ergonomic posture by offering both vertical and horizontal viewing angles to your smartphone. It fits laptops of all sizes and brands: 13”, 15”, 17”, etc.

Comfortable desks or chairs are not always available or accessible, and MUKI BounceMan compensates for it by adding extra necessary inches wherever your laptop takes you.

It elevates the screen to a more comfortable height so your neck can be positioned at a more natural position to reduce the likelihood of neck pain. The keyboard is angled by MUKI so your wrists can enjoy a more relaxed angle while typing to ease the muscle strain.

MUKI BounceMan is aimed to help you stay pain-free in the hours-long drudgery in front of laptops, leading to more productivity during work times.

Nice silicone padding at the bottom of the stand helps prevent the laptop from slipping. No matter how hard you pound on the keyboard when playing games or drawing on the iPad, MUKI BounceMan remains the rock behind your devices, making them easy to work with.

MUKI BounceMan is made of zinc alloy which is quite sturdy and gives an attractive luster. Zinc is much stronger and more durable than aluminum which is widely used in competitors, and provides better corrosion resistance, stability and strength.

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