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Mundus | A Smart Console for Board Games

Explore the world of numerous board games through a single smart board.

What is Mundus?

Mundus is a smart board game that by connecting to your phone becomes something like a Playstation™ for board games.

Make your kids fall in love with board games through Mundus

 With this single board, you can play many different board games. And with more games being released constantly, this is the last board game you’ll ever need!

With the rise of digital games, people are increasingly distant. We want to bring them closer together into the physical world by combining the fun of digital content and social aspects of traditional board games.

For any occasion  

Mundus is designed to be a single board on which you can have awesome experiences while playing vastly different games. Wherever you may be, having fun on a picnic, learning new things in school, or even partying with friends, Mundus will prove to be the perfect activity.     

How does it work?

The Mundus board connects with any phone through our Mundus Arcade app. You can think of the app as being the brains of the operation, and the board as a huge controller.   

Thanks to being digital, the gameplay is intuitive. The games guide your every move unlike traditional board games, and help you learn the rules as you go, making it easy to just relax and enjoy the experience.

Smart figurines 

In addition to five buttons in each corner, Smart figurines help you interact with the games. The board will know exactly where each one is, when any of them is picked up, or put down.  

There is a single figurine for each of the four colors. Mundus Smart figurines have a unique design and can be found as a metalic version.

Mundus Arcade   

Within the Mundus Arcade, you will be able to explore our whole selection of games, with this selection growing larger with every update! 

Available games  

A game of showing off your knowledge in a topic of choice while using powerups and capturing fields on the board.

Do you think you are a trivia master? Try the game Trivia in which the goal is to capture fields and points by answering questions. Choose from 10 topics, from history to technology, and show off your knowledge. The first player to collect 8 points is the winner! Group fields in a row or try to destroy opponent chains to score extra points.

Strategy… luck… or maybe both? In Versus you must make quick decisions and outsmart your opponent. The first to make four laps around the board wins.

Versus is a game perfect for any occasion, due to the simple rules and extreme fun! Prove yourself as a top strategist and outplay all your opponents and friends! Roll the dice and move with the goal of making four rounds. But be careful, because the wrong move can cost you! 

Of course, if you want to have a good time, Mundus has you covered with party games!

In this game a group of friends will test their wits in a battle to the last one standing. Enjoying their poison of choice, they will endure through various challenges. Your goal is to be the last one standing through a range of party games and challenges after each round.

An evergrowing platform of games

Even after the Kickstarter ends, and you get your boards, we will release new titles through constant updates… making sure you will always new adventures to embark on! 

Beside the games, we also plan to integrate new technologies such as AR in the updates.

Over the air updates (OTA)

Mundus boards will receive new software updates through the Arcade app, so your board will always be able to support even the newest games!

Mundus API and Open Source

Mundus will open its’ API for controlling the board so everyone can create their own games we’ll be expanding our first party game library with a vast number of community games made by Mundus game developers. We also plan to open source some of the first party games so people can help make them better and expand upon them in their own games

 Mundus in classrooms 

Mundus also proved to be a powerful tool in education and was used in more than 60 schools in Croatia and Slovenia. We created an easy and intuitive interface for teachers to write questions in order to test their students’ knowledge through our Trivia game.

If you’re interested, check out our classroom bundle with which you also receive access to our education suite. You can also reach out to us at [email protected]!

Mundus is customizable

 When designing Mundus, we thought of ways to customize the board. That’s why you can choose between light and dark variants, and if we reach our stretch goals, you’ll be able to get additional special skins and figurines.

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