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myFirst Insta Wi | HD Camera with Inkless Printer and Label

Record, Snap, Print & Label anything for work, study, leisure, and even during travel or at home for kids and everyone in your family.

myFirst, a kids EduTech company has launched their latest product, the myFirst Insta Wi, an HD Photo and video camera with inkless printer and wifi connected label maker for taking photographs, video recording, instant photo printing, and wireless label creation.

myFirst Insta Wi

The latest model in the myFirst Insta instant camera series, myFirst Insta Wi is a dual-lens 12MP digital camera with a front and rear selfie lens that is capable of inkless thermal instant printing in 10 seconds, making this the fastest instant print camera in the market. With the wide-angle selfie camera above its 2.4” bright IPS screen, myFirst Insta Wi allows for amazing selfies and wefies, and also taking full HD videos from both front and rear cameras which most instant print cameras can’t.

myFirst Insta Wi

By using low-cost thermal paper & sticker thermal paper, this camera surpasses other instant printing brands in image quality and value for money.

The Insta Wi allows wireless label creation over Wi-Fi and coupled with being able to accommodate various sizes of labels, the myFirst Insta Wi is able to create and print stunning labels anytime anywhere directly from your phone. With the dedicated mobile application, you can customize labels by drawing, typing text, or using symbols. It is so convenient to bring the Insta Wi around and tag everything at home, in school, or at the office.

A dedicated app for myFirst Insta Wi.

myFirst Insta Wi

You can download the mobile application in both Google Play and App Store.

With the myFirst Insta Wi app, you can customize the label and send it wirelessly to the camera for printing.

Any idea how to start off to create a nice and pretty label? There are label templates that are suitable for different uses (kids closet, kitchen, school, scrapbook, etc.), and in total more than 160+ preset templates for you to choose from.

Be creative! With the various templates of patterns, symbols, and icons, create your own special labels that suit your fancy. You can also adjust the size of icons, enter text, change the font type, add on border styles, and much more.

Transferring photos manually from memory cards to other devices is a tedious process. Now, you can connect your phone to the Insta Wi via Wi-Fi and transfer your photos wirelessly. No more hassles transmitting data from one device to another.

myFirst Insta Wi

Can you still print in color?

Absolutely yes. All photos taken will be stored in the included memory card. Just transfer the photos to your mobile or connect the camera to your laptop via the included cable, and you can print your photos in color with any color printer.

Every household should own an Insta Wi. This gave us the idea to specially create a cradle to house the Insta Wi. It looks great on your desk too!

With the customized power on and off button and WiFi button on the cradle, without picking up the device, you can turn on the device and start using it for label printing in just a few seconds. How convenient!

An instant camera with both front and selfie lenses. Kids can enjoy taking photos, selfies, and even groupies anytime and anywhere they want! Just with a simple button press, easily switch between the front lens and the selfie lens.

Wide-angle selfie lens

Great opportunity for your kids to unleash photography and videography skills. With the 12MP front & selfie cameras, it can take photos from 3MP all the way up to 12MP and also 1920×1080 videos as well. It’s time to give your mobile phone (and camera) a rest.

myFirst Insta Wi

With filters and frames pre-installed in the camera, kids can snap and print cute and interesting photos or stickers to create photo albums, name tags, scrapbooks, etc. Watch your kids create their own masterpieces.

You’re right, just 10 seconds! See the excitement on your kid’s faces when they get printouts in 10 seconds of what they have captured. Using thermal fast print technology, photos will be printed in black and white at the quickest speed.

myFirst Insta Wi

What is Thermal Printing?

With inkless thermal printing, the ink never runs out. This is definitely a more cost-effective solution for kids. They can print as many as they want without breaking the bank. Print up to 60 sheets per roll at only 1 cent per print!

Sometimes, it’s hard for kids to control a device when buttons are small and not intuitive. Insta Wi comes with easy extra-large buttons designed for kids and their cute little fingers!

myFirst Insta Wi

Say goodbye to those bulky cameras or portable printers that you just use once and keep in the cupboard forever.

myFirst Insta Wi only weighs 232 grams (0.51 lbs). It’s the smallest and lightest 4-in-1 camera & printer.

Insta Wi is much smaller in size compared to other label printers, but they are able to do more. With 57mm (2.24 inches) wide labels, you can customize the font size as big you wish or you could also choose different sizes of labels and print with smaller font sizes.

Think big, print big

Many other label printer models require an external power supply or battery while Insta Wi comes with a built-in rechargeable battery with a battery capacity of 1500mAh. With a full charge, kids can enjoy taking photos/videos for up to 5 hours.

Built-in battery

When the target funding amount is reached, the stretch goal (Insta Wi in Teal color) will be unlocked and you will be able to choose either Yellow or Teal color for the Insta Wi you have backed.

Insta Wi, Adjustable Neck Lanyard, Cradle, User Guide, 2 Sheets of Decorative Stickers, 5 Rolls of Paper/Stickers, Micro USB Cable, microSD Card Adapter, 16GB MicroSD Card.

Thermal paper and stickers in the box:

With Insta Wi, they have specially designed a few sizes of label stickers. Now, you can have different label sizes options and print up to 4 different stickers in a row. These labels can be purchased as an add-on item at an affordable price.

Your kids’ safety is always myFirst’s top concern. They choose better quality and BPA-free thermal paper. They also provide thermal stickers which have different finishing, such as thermal stickers with patterns, colored stickers, and also transparent stickers.

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