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This is the first ultra-slim case that does not break!

As we all know, even the priciest thin cases will warp and lose their shape with time. Frequently, really fast after purchase. The outcome is a cheap look and an uncomfortable feel in the hand. Meet Nakey,

nakey case

NAKEY’s thermolayered structure adheres precisely to your phone’s edges. Also, does not deform, even years after it’s applied.

Chipped Display Protection

Screen protectors’ edges are the first thing to wear out. Despite the “premium” etiquette, they are presented to have. This isn’t necessarily caused by poor-quality glass. Merely, it’s unavoidable because of their direct exposure to outside effects.

front and back nakey

NAKEY’s glasses (both front and also back) are effortlessly joint with the polycarbonate frame. Meaning, their sides are protected from impact. To put it more simply, if you were to run your finger on the edge of the protective glass, the feeling is the same as the space around it. This is combined with a 9H tempered glass with 99% of transparency.

Nakey doesn’t go yellow

Clear cases commonly turn yellow in time. This is the result of exposure to UV rays.

yellowing case

NAKEY has actually been treated with a UV protection layer. That way it stays clear, even months after usage.

Bulky Cases


Ok, this isn’t associated with breaking, but it’s also extremely important! The iPhone’s design is just beautiful… So,  why hide it with an obnoxiously big case? In addition to that, cumbersome cases are unpleasant to hold or to keep in a pocket.

fits the pocket

NAKEY is so thin that you will not even see it when you place it. It looks a lot like part of the device.

Complete security at the lowest price on the marketplace!

NAKEY provides 360 ° protection from dings and scratches. But also, integrating screen and video camera bump protection. At the same time, maintains its shape over time. And keeps the original iPhone look.

smartphone and laptop

Not just other products can’t match these features, additionally, they are a lot more expensive. NAKEY is readily available for iPhone ® 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro as well as 13 Pro Max.

Keep the initial minimalistic iPhone ® look.

Minimalism is what we absolutely love, NAKEY is the thinnest 360° iPhone case available.

Thanks to its incredible 0.3 mm density, it leaves your apple iPhone basically unchanged. still, your phone is protected all around.

iPhone design

NAKEY offers complete security for your phone. It covers all sides of the device.

The screen and also the backside are secured by two multi-layered tempered glasses.  That way gives even more resistance to your iPhone, without covering its style functions.

A thermoformed polycarbonate frame runs along the sides. Meaning, shield its sides from falls and also scratches.

Polycarbonate frame


The thermoformed polycarbonate frame ensures certain protection as well as security over time. At the same time, remaining as thin and tight as possible. the frame is offered in two colors as well as finishings: black, with rubberized finish, and transparent with frosted finishing.

man holding smartphone

Full camera lens protection

Cam is one of the most innovative parts of your iPhone. Because of their sensitiveness, one of the most subjected to scrapes. The NAKEY ensures complete protection for the cameras. Meaning, you do not need to worry about damaging them.

9H Tempered Glass:

man making a call

The 9H Tempered glass offers the highest degree of protection against scrapes or even cracks. The screen protector is extremely resistant. Yet, giving the best transmission as well as the sensibility of the touch screen.

Transparency is essential in protective glasses.

NAKEY’s glass reaches 99% transparency, which is just one of the highest degrees possible. The result is an ultra-clear view of the screen.

nakey in hand

Maintaining the iPhone’s design good and clean is among the primary targets of NAKEY. That’s why the shape of the border completely matches the apple iPhone’s sides Also, buttons and details.

MagSafe compatible

mag hub and nakey

The exceptionally thin glass is compatible with MagSafe®. But, without the need for a metal ring.

Structure colors and surfaces

black and transparent nakey

NAKIE is offered in 2 various structure colors and also coatings

To best suit your device, NAKEY includes frosted rear glass for the iPhone Pro.

They are Rolling Square, a group of innovators based in Switzerland.

They have a particular target in mind: upgrading daily life while offering severe importance to quality as well as details.

rolling square logo

As tech minimalists, they believe technology ought to be a device to aid us. To live better, without taking our interest away from the crucial points in life.


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