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Neckphone TRi | Headphone + Neckspeaker + Wireless Speaker

Presenting you the headphones of the next generation. It’s the Neckphone TRi.

the looks of Necckphone tri

The premium and hybrid gadget for today’s unstoppable way of living. They are engineered by leading specialists from the sound market. Neckphone TRi is the first ultra-versatile headphones. Equipped with 4 speakers as well as ANC ⁺² they really stand out. Switch from headphones to neck speakers instantly. This is possible with patented directional sound or wireless speakers.

features of neckphone tri

Established in Denmark by professional R&D audiophiles such as Bang & Olufsen, Harman Kardon, and also JBL… TRi is a game-changer.

Your ears as well as your daily communication are in the best hands.

multiusage of neckphone

The final prototype is completely functional and ready for production. You can listen to music with Open Directional Non-Invasive Sound (ODNIS innovation ™). Make a call with the neck audio speaker option easily. No more stress over disturbing individuals around you.

office use of neckphone tri

Thanks to its distinctively engineered 4 speakers, this is now possible in no time.

The Neckphone TRi comes with one pair of earpads. And at the end of the project, you choose the ones you want!

neckphone in box

The Active Sound Cancelling Plus 2 (ANC ⁺²) is a patent-pending technology. It automatically spots various earpad sizes to flawlessly tune the noise-canceling algorithm. That way, achieve outstanding noise isolation.  You will have the most effective sound isolation regardless of the size of the earpad you are using.

the box

Open or closed, audio quality is always superior. Enjoy songs as well as calls anytime and anywhere.

Circulr’s App was established with a major goal: to empower your audio experience. Adjust sound waves to your unique hearing. A sound wave test will certainly create a personalized account for you.

three in one

Application functions (iOS & Android suitable):.

  • Sound Ultra Personalization
  • Safety mode.
  • Sound accounts selector
  • Battery saver setting.
  • Adjustable side controls
  • Neighborhood benefits & Firmware OTA updates.

Alone or shared, the Neckphone TRi will be your most desired audio device. They intend to make your life much easier, better, and more enjoyable.

multipurpose neckphone tri

The Neckphone TRi, switches over automatically from earphone to neck speaker. Simply turn right earcup 90ª . This makes it for you much easier, faster, and safer. If you want extra safety, you can choose the Circulr’s application.

the app

They worked together with Mimi.

Mimi is the leading science-based hearing enhancement. It’s a modern technology from Germany. Offering you the best-personalized noise experience! It’s a whole new depth of Circulr’s crossbreed earphones. It adjusts the audio signal to your distinct hearing.  And has the ability to understand exactly how you listen to.

Mimi doesn’t change the sound, it lets you fully experience it.

What is the difference between Mimi and equalizer?


Mimi applies vibrant, non-linear processing. That way uncovers the maximum audio information to the hearer. At the same time maintaining the character of the sound. Direct, EQ-based methods do not address masking. Also, they are much more distortive than the initial audio. And can raise the intensity in the already vulnerable frequencies for the hearer. The outcome is the most effective all-natural fit for your ears.

They’re passionate about music and enabling individuals to experience that also, fully.

In January of the year 2021, they were approved for the Sound Hub Denmark Accelerator. It has a reduced acceptance price (3%) than Stanford (4.7%) or Harvard (5.2%). They concentrated to work on developing as well as prototyping with leading sound professionals worldwide.


Finally, they are ready to continue with production and strategy. And are about to start manufacturing in Q3 this year. This consists of tooling, sourcing as well as certification of regulatory.

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